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  1. lpfan1980

    Pizza Hut returns to their classic logo!

    With all the negative news lately this cheered me right the hell up with Gibson acting weird, here is a company going back to their glory days with the classic 1974-1999 logo .Supposedly the old Hut has been in a funk and desided not to sue Papa Johns and said what the hell scrap the crap bring...
  2. lpfan1980

    Best clean tone amp for a Les Paul.

    i might be opening a can of worms here but I was given a Line 6 its ok and for the price [ None] is good. But it just doesnt seem to gel with my Gibson.My Strats seem to do better on it are Humbuckers too much for one of these amps i dont have any thing turned up high although the bass seems...
  3. lpfan1980

    New Fender dg-60

    My friend and i decided to go to the local shop because we were in the mood to get a guitar under 100 bucks.Not interested in what they had up front they went into the back and pulled out this gorgeous 2011 Fender acoustic 93 bucks .We split the money and brought home this acoustic it sounds...
  4. lpfan1980

    McDonalds made fish n chips-it sucks.

    In May up here in canuckistan Rotten ronnies had a fish n chips special 2 pieces of breaded haddock and their fries. Thankfully i had tartar sauce and ketchup cause I think Ronald dipped it nugget batter shrunk it dried it out and forgot adding flavou-r its now over thankfuly.Sometimes they...
  5. lpfan1980

    Where to get a new/used Gibson Les Paul case.

    I own a 2006 Gibson Les Paul GT, while im not usually a case guy im not all that fond of the Gibson usa case my sweetie came in. Looks cheap made of an odd material and the guy I bought it from accedentaly locked it without telling me the combo so in my eagerness i pried it off with a butter...
  6. lpfan1980

    Who enjoys coil split LP sounds.

    Being a first time owner of a Gibson Les Paul [one month] Iremembered oh yeah push pull tone knobs:doh:. While I had lots of fun and the coil splits sounded GREAT. I enjoy the full sound of a Les Paul. My Strats to the single coil thing better anyway, its fun though !!!any thoughts :D ?
  7. lpfan1980

    Whats up with giant jumbo frets on high end guitars?

    Not to sound like Jerry Seinfeld i just got my 2012 US Strat adjusted it plays wonderfully, but it has these huge ass frets. Same with my 2006 Gibson my two best guitars are perfect except for these walls! iIwas playING my first 1997 mim Fender and its gOt little vintage frets [so nice] ilove my...
  8. lpfan1980

    Any thoughts on using Daddario guitar cream to shine up my Les Paul.

    Bought it at my guitar shop last year but my other guitars are poly and my satin strat doesnt need any. Says its good for most surfaces what do my fellow LP fans think good bad indifferent. :hmm:.
  9. lpfan1980

    What is the general opinion on Indonesian Epiphones ?

    My Indonesian Epi lp was my first lp and my only guitar where i have been the sole owner. I think its awesome hear a lot about the Koreans and Japanese-any thoughts?
  10. lpfan1980

    One offs or rarest Epiphone LP'S?

    Just a interested question iv heard a TON about weird rare Gibson Les Pauls wondering Has Epiphone made some unique LPS too?
  11. lpfan1980

    Whats best to clean a nitro Gibson Lp?

    Hi i just bought my first Gibson LP its my first nitro guitar my epi lp and other guitars are poly so they can take wet wipes[ although i own one satin strat]. But although my Gibson is 13 shes still shiny and from her last owner and beside some bumps andings wanna keep her cute and smelling...
  12. lpfan1980


    After waiting an eternity and a day my 2006 Gibson GT is here folks these are the best photos i have of her she isnamed after my late Mother who passed away last year Louise its got her nickname here is WEEZIE!!
  13. lpfan1980

    I now own a Gibson Les Paul GT !!!!!!!! [as of 10 am MONDAY]

    TO all the people who read my very exited post on playing My First Les Paul I HAVE PURCHASED SAID LES PAUL with some stock money which will be ready as of Monday morning its in the case waiting for me its gonna be a LONNNG WEEKEND finally my Epi will have a sibling pictures coming Monday with my...
  14. lpfan1980

    I played a Gibson Les Paul for the first time today MOST FUN EVER!

    Today I had a dream come true I played a gorgeous Green top Gibson GT and wow what a guitar gorgeous. Went into my local guitar shop to get some strings and asked sheepishly if I could play one of their Les Pauls as i am saving up for one and I wanted to compare as i own an epi.OF COURSE HE SAID...
  15. lpfan1980

    To Anyone Who Has Played a Vintage Les Paul

    If anyone has been lucky enough to play a 1950's or 1960s Les Paul they look to be SO MUCH FUN TO PLAY i know they sound awesome but are they as enjoyable as they look