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  1. BornToLooze

    Wouldn't a proper Hendrix Signature Strat...

    I've seen some Charvels that can pull off the reverse headstock, but on a traditional looking Strat it just doesn't work. An upside down Strat just looks better. I've been toying around with the idea since I started to learn guitar. I only mess with the controls on my Strat because they're so...
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    jokes & funnies.

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    The Unpopular Opinions Thread.

    I found out about that movie from my uncles that were Marines. They're the same ones that made sure I knew that only women were allowed in the Army. I love shit talking as much as the next guy; but one thing I've learned from friends and family that were in the military, they get that shit down...
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    The Unpopular Opinions Thread.

    I've always heard if you make a mistake in a song, make it again and then it's jazz. I like to think of myself as a very accomplished jazz guitar player. :slash:
  5. BornToLooze

    A new guitarist emerges today (Now with photos)

    I'm just glad your friend has a guitar to rock out on now. :dude:
  6. BornToLooze

    A new guitarist emerges today (Now with photos)

    That surprises me too. I got it before SS frets were really a thing on regular guitars. It's probably some super hard Chinese mystery metal. :hmm:
  7. BornToLooze

    A new guitarist emerges today (Now with photos)

    Ya, I bought it at Guitar Center like 5-6 years ago when I got into Japanese metal and "had" to have a goofy shaped guitar. I only had it a couple months when I started pickup swapping on it. It had a couple sets in it, but none of them ever sounded good to me. So it sat in my closet in a...
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    The Unpopular Opinions Thread.

    I've played plenty of Epis that were great, but the headstock bugs me on Les Paul shapes. I don't mind it on stuff like me Epi acoustic, or something like a Sheraton or a Wilshire, just not on a Les Paul.
  9. BornToLooze

    A new guitarist emerges today (Now with photos)

    I wouldn't think it would have SS frets, it's an LTD F-50. I'm glad she likes like it. I just had it sitting in my closet in pieces, so I'm glad someone has it that's going to rock out on it. :dude: :dude: :dude:
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    The Unpopular Opinions Thread.

    Clapton is like coffee, better with Cream. At least I guess so...I hate coffee, and the only Clapton record I like is Disraeli Gears.
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    The Unpopular Opinions Thread.

    This has probably been done on here, and even if hasn't, I TOTALLY didn't steal this idea off another forum I'm on. I figure we can make it at least a couple pages before it gets locked because of something stupid like pickguard on/off or top wrapping. :io:Just try to keep it somewhat...
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    MLP Backstage, a gift to warm your hearts..

    I thought that was the French flag?
  13. BornToLooze

    Call me a snob

    If I can post the picture of the neck on my "cheapo Standard" it seems like I keep posting... Neck too thick??? Play it until it's not.
  14. BornToLooze

    Pay It Forward Again

    Got the LTD headed for Roxy and her friend. Hopefully she digs it. :dude:
  15. BornToLooze

    No Eddie, No Dave, No problem: Rock Without Van Halen

    Maybe? Didn't George Lynch start getting big around the same time Eddie did?
  16. BornToLooze

    Do You Upgrade/Mod Your Guitars?

    Most of mine are, but it depends on the guitar. I have an old Charvel from the 80s that the wiring is a nightmare, and has a coil split switch added to it, and I'm pretty sure when I get around to rewire it I'm going to change it to a Stratoblaster. My Strat I wasn't really planning on modding...
  17. BornToLooze

    Pay It Forward Again

    Alright, this is what I've dug up so far, a couple project guitars I'm never going to finish. Washburn 7 string It needs a nut and some tuners, and I'm pretty sure I have a bridge and a tailpiece around here if some one needs one to go with it. It has a Dimarzio John Petrucci pickup (not...
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    Pay It Forward Again

    I'm in, I got some old stuff I've been needing to go through.
  19. BornToLooze

    What should I do with the switch on my guitar?

    I found out on another forum it's a coil split. It's been added to the guitar, it supposed to be just 1 humbucker and 1 volume knob. I'm still leaning towards a Stratoblaster and that's a 9v and a little circuit board with a trim pot if I remember right, it looks like there should be enough...