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    The GAS we all suffer from is not our fault. We are constantly being conditioned - brainwashed, even - to think we need more gear all the time. Open your eyes and start really looking around and you'll start seeing the signs. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE.
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    Suspicious "shipping damage" = Buyer's remorse?

    Sorry, this is going to be a bit of a rant but I need to vent and after wearing out some poor schmuck on the Reverb chat you guys are my best sounding board/counsel/therapist. I sold a high-end Custom Shop Strat online, at a great but nonetheless not inexpensive price. The guitar was delivered...
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    Gov't Mule show last night

    Fantastic show by Gov't Mule last night at Jay Peak Resort. Warren was on fire.
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    The coolest piece of gear Gibson has ever made

    It's one cooler, idnit? (This is on my office AC unit, and I never noticed it until today. Made my whole week.)
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    NGD: American Special Strat in Sonic Blue

    NGD: 2015 American Special Strat in Sonic Blue. My son takes drum lessons at our local Guitar Center, so every Sunday I have an hour to kill there. I decided to conduct my own little "shoot-out" of every Strat in their inventory: 39 total, new and used, ranging from Squier Bullets to Custom...
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    Least expensive GREAT solidbody electric guitar for rock

    I just spent WAY too long at work watching "cheapest versus most expensive" guitar shootouts on YouTube. The consensus is almost always the same, "this expensive one is clearly superior, but you get a lot of bang for your buck with this (Epiphone, Squier, etc.)." Yes yes, very nice. A great...
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    WTB/TF: 10" speaker(s)

    I am looking to replace the stock speakers in a couple of my amps. Anyone got a 10" speaker or two laying around unused? I ultimately need 2 or 3 but would happily start with one. Not super picky - a Celestion Greenback, Gold or Vintage 10 would be fantastic but I'd also he interested in trying...
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    Putting together a pedalboard (cool video)

    I'm sure many of you saw this video of Paul Gilbert and a rep from TC Electronic putting together a pedalboard: Very cool. I have always been a fan of TC's pedals, and Paul is not only an amazing player but also seems like a genuinely nice guy. This video has me taking a long look at the...
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    Really sweet live rig

    My company held its annual meeting this week and I hired a blues trio to provide music. It took place in a waterpark so the acoustics kinda sucked, but one of the guitarists had a sweet rig - a '62 ES-something (the one with P-90s) into a gold horsey Klon Centaur into some sort of Fendery head...
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    Strat neck misaligned - Apparently not uncommon?

    The Custom Shop Strat I recently purchased used came with what I assumed was a setup issue: The Low E string was bizarrely close to the edge of the fretboard, such that it kept "ditching" off the ends of the frets. The saddle was dropped almost all the way down - putting it visibly lower than...
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    Most Desirable Runs of Historic R9 Les Pauls

    WARNING: Highly subjective content ahead The lovefest for the 60th Anniversary run of Historic R9s got me thinking about some previous runs that were widely regarded as special, significant or... well... historic. I am well aware of the whole "there are no good runs or years, just good...
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    NGD: Alright, now I understand the whole Strat thing

    I've never been able to bond with Strats. I've played a ton of them and owned seven, from Squier Mini up to Custom Shop. They've all come up short in my two biggest make-or-break criteria: tone and neck profile. I prefer power in both feel and sound and just never found a Strat that delivered...
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    FS: 1958 Tweed Champ

    For sale is a 1958 Tweed Champ in very good condition. Original Oxford speaker (less common than the Jensen) has been professionally reconed. I switched the original handle out for a repro just for peace of mind. It was a bone stock, one owner amp when I bought it. The best amp tech in my state...
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    Truly Special Guitars

    The great Tim Pierce nails the whole concept of truly special guitars from 4:13 to 5:08 of this video. "New guitars, sometimes 1 in 100 are particularly magical ... If you run across a guitar that you really love, you have two choices: You either buy it or lose it forever." So true. Happy...
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    What, exactly, is Gibson doing differently?

    I'm sorry to be a downer amidst all the recent stoke about Gibson, but honestly I don't see a single thing they're doing differently under their new leadership. Making guitars that are just like the vintage ones? They've been doing that for decades. Putting an emphasis on classic designs...
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    Fender unveils Game of Thrones guitars

    Attractive and reasonably priced: :io::wtf:
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    This is pretty amazing.
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    >1 Les Paul: Why?

    I am in the process of ordering another Les Paul, M2M through a dealer. This will be the second Les Paul in my current herd, stable, quiver, whatever you want to call it, though somewhere around #15 in terms of Lesters I have owned in my life. I tend to move on from one when I get another...
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    GET THE LED OUT! (Some nice guitar pics)

    I saw Get the Led Out last night (4/6/19) at the Foeger Ballroom at Jay Peak Resort in Jay, VT. I've got to think this is the smallest venue they play, and they were incredible as always. They have some awesome guitars and always love talking after the show about their gear and the music. I...