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  1. dothedew

    FS: Seymour Duncan Antiquity Humbucker Set

    Cleaning out some spare parts from the drawer. Aged gold covers/black pickup rings, includes original boxes and packaging. $265 shipped CONUS Reverb listing:
  2. dothedew

    Gibson Memphis '58 ES-335 (2017)

    2017 Gibson Memphis '58 ES-335 reissue in mint condition. Includes Lifton style case & COA Book. Big beefy neck, incredibly resonant and snappy. This is mint (almost brand new, played for ~4 hours), and completely stock! Haven't changed a thing on this guitar! $3100 Shipped CONUS Would...
  3. dothedew

    SOLD 2012 Gibson Customshop SG

    Bump, price adjustment.
  4. dothedew

    SOLD 2012 Gibson Customshop SG

    Thank you! Yes it has a slim taper neck which is just not my cup of tea unfortunately.
  5. dothedew

    SOLD 2012 Gibson Customshop SG

    Recent reverb sale of this fell through as buyer never paid. Feel free to make a reasonable offer, just bought a '63 335 so something has to go.
  6. dothedew

    For Sale: 2017 '58 ES-335 Reissue

    Selling my 2017 Gibson Memphis 1958 ES-335 reissue in vintage burst. Big beefy C profile neck is very comfortable, acoustically resonant (compares very well to my old Rusty Anderson 335). These MHS pickups are stellar and sound superb through a multitude of amps (I've used it through a Bassman...
  7. dothedew

    FS: SOLD 2014 Gibson Rusty Anderson 335

    After much deliberation I have decided to sell my '14 Rusty Anderson ES-335 Prototype. This is #22 of 25 total prototypes produced, I believe these were handpicked by RA himself and he signed the prototypes. Weighs ~9lbs on my digital scale. The original owner had a set of WCR...
  8. dothedew

    WTB: Used Gibson Historic ABR-1

    Looking for a no wire historic ABR-1 in nickel. Got an extra laying around or anything please let me know. Cheers!
  9. dothedew

    FS: Throbak ER Custom Bridge & SLE-101+ Neck Shiny Nickel Zebra Pickup Set

    If you sell them without the covers, I'd be interested in purchasing the covers. Thanks.
  10. dothedew

    WTB: Gibson SG with Slim 60’s Neck

    I have a 2012 SG Reissue if you're interested, great sounding guitar but I really don't like the slim taper neck at all.
  11. dothedew

    WTB: Rusty Anderson 335

    Would prefer one with that's nicely figured! Let me know thanks!
  12. dothedew

    SOLD 2012 Gibson Customshop SG

    2012 SG Reissue from the Customshop .820 @ 1st / .920 @ 12th Only mods are CTS Pots, PIO Caps and Graphtech Saddles. Original Saddles and Caps included. Also comes with all hang tags/CoA Booklet/paperwork. Additional pics supplied on request. $2000 shipped CONUS w/ Paypal Gift option. NO...
  13. dothedew

    FS: Keeley Pedals

    I'm selling my Keeley Neutrino Envelope Filter and Keeley Bubbletron Phase Shifter. Both pedals are in excellent condition, do not have velcro on them, and are in fully functional condition. I used these briefly to record a few tracks, other than that they're not getting used. Both pedals come...
  14. dothedew

    WTB: Gold PAF Covers

    Looking to buy 3 Gold PAF covers for my Black Beauty. I would prefer unaged Throbak or Montreux, but if they're lightly aged I'll consider them as well. Thanks!
  15. dothedew

    FS: 2013 Gibson Les Paul '57 Reissue R7 Gold Top VOS Dark Back

    GLWS, the 2013-present gold paint formula looks spot on to the 50s stuff.
  16. dothedew

    WTB: Gibson Historic ABR-1 Bridge

    If anyone has a spare Gibson Historic ABR-1 no wire bridge in nickel laying around let me know, I need one for my SG. Thank you!
  17. dothedew

    Gold over Dark Burst Relic

    Diggin a burst underneath a GT! Got any shots of the back/neck??

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