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  1. BornToLooze

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread.

    This has probably been done on here, and even if hasn't, I TOTALLY didn't steal this idea off another forum I'm on. I figure we can make it at least a couple pages before it gets locked because of something stupid like pickguard on/off or top wrapping. :io:Just try to keep it somewhat...
  2. BornToLooze

    What should I do with the switch on my guitar?

    I have an old Charvel Model 2 that need to be rewired. Sometime in the past 30 some odd years, somebody added some kind of switch to it. I'm not real sure what it does (I guess either a coil tap or phase switch) but it makes it sound real thin and staticy, and it has one of the worst solder jobs...
  3. BornToLooze

    NGD: Custom ESP content

    Before I even type anything, just look at this: I've wanted an ESP ever since I got into Metallica. And I've had plenty of LTDs, but ever timey I had the money to get an ESP, something would always come up. And over the past couple years, I got less into playing guitar and more into drinking...
  4. BornToLooze

    A question about learning scales and theory.

    So, a little backstory, I've been playing guitar for probably 15 years, but 99% of it has just been playing along with tabs, minus 4 or 5 years where I had more interest in getting drunk than learning guitar. Recently I got the same guitar bug I got when I was a teenager. I've been busy...
  5. BornToLooze

    Finally getting my own guitar space.

    Up until recently me and my family have lived in a trailer that was way to small, so my gear has always got shuffled around depending on where no one else was. Kids are watching cartoons, play in the bedroom, then the wife decides to watch Game of Thrones, well, looks like I'm playing guitar in...
  6. BornToLooze

    How do backstage passes work?

    I was looking at what bands are coming to town and Red Dragon Cartel's coming. Not that big of a fan of them, but I am a big Jake Lee fan. I kinda destroyed my first guitar trying to paint it to look like his guitar from the Bark at the Moon video. Backstage passes cost about the same as what...
  7. BornToLooze

    I've never been more proud of myself.

    Yesterday I was going to change the strings on my Strat and the battery in my tuner was low enough that it would barely stay on long enough to make sure the strings were in tune. Which wouldn't be that big of a deal except my Strat has a Floyd Rose and I was changing string gauges. I had it...
  8. BornToLooze

    My Strat needs some upgrades.

    I have one of the Dave Murray Strats that has a Hot Rail in the bridge and neck and a JB jr in the middle. It sounds good, but it's not straty enough. I'm thinking of switching to some regular strat pickups and putting a stratoblaster on it or just getting some hotter strat pickups. I like...
  9. BornToLooze

    Thinking about learning a different instrument.

    I've gotten into a bad habit with guitar, where I'm good enough to play most of the songs I like, so instead of practicing important stuff I'll just wind up playing along with songs. I figure if I try learning something else it'll push me out of my comfort zone, and I'll have to learn something...
  10. BornToLooze

    Probably a stupid question about cabinets.

    In a couple months im looking at buying a Marshall DSL because I've always wanted a Marshall halfstack. I have a MG cabinet I bought back in the day, and according to Sweetwater, it has Celestion G12-412MG speakers, and a 1960 cabinet has GT12-75 speakers. As someone who has no clue about...
  11. BornToLooze

    The Most Rock and Roll Song of All Time

    I was sitting here enjoying a couple beers, listening to music and I had Ted Nugent's version of Johnny B Goode pop up, and even though Chuck Berry stole it from some kid at a high school dance, every time I hear it, I can't help but think it's like the rock and roll national anthem. And it...
  12. BornToLooze

    Do you ever have a guitar that sounds perfect...

    But you want to change the pickups so it'll sound different? I have a set of Sigil Berserkers in my Les Paul and they're the best set of pickups I've ever heard, but every now and then I'll be playing something like some Joe Walsh or some Sabbath and I'll be thinking, this sounds killer but...
  13. BornToLooze

    New Posts in Threads Not Showing Up

    I'll get notifications that So and So has replied to a thread and then I go to it and the last post was one I made 2 days ago but it says it was posted 5 minutes ago. This happening to anyone else?
  14. BornToLooze

    Want to change my pickguard out.

    Not digging the tortise pickguard and want to change it out. I was thinking a black guard would look good, but I don't know how that'd look with the white pickups. I DO think I have some black strat pickups somewhere, but it just seems easier to put a white one on it. What do y'all think'll look...
  15. BornToLooze

    FS: 1976 Gretsch 7670

    My dad gave me this guitar a couple weeks ago because he wants to sell it, but doesn't know how to sell stuff on the internet. From what he's told me, he bought it a couple years ago from one of his friend's widow who bought it in 1976 to learn how to play guitar and it was pretty much sitting...
  16. BornToLooze

    Best way to fix messed up saddle.

    I've been having problems with my E breaking at the saddle and I finally realized there is another groove in the saddle. I guess it's from when I used to use really heavy strings it wore it down. So what would be the best way to go about fixing it? I figure get a new saddle, but if I remember...
  17. BornToLooze

    I don't know why I didn't try it sooner.

    I've always like thicker strings. When I first started playing guitar the place I took lessons from had .10-.46 and .10-.52 stings, and I liked the .10-.52 set better. I started using thicker and thicker stings until I had to stop because I'd have to drill my tuners out. I think I was up to a...
  18. BornToLooze

    I've been trying to get back into playing guitar

    I've been stuck in a rut for the past few years, so other than a few drunken jams and messing around with Rocksmith, I haven't touched a guitar going on probably 2 years now. For some reason I've felt like playing the past couple days, so I recorded this real quick and threw it on Youtube...
  19. BornToLooze

    Action too low on just 1 fret?

    On my B string at the 18th fret it sounds like the action is too low and it's hitting the frets, but the 17th and 18th are fine, and the other strings are fine. I never noticed it until recently, so is maybe one of my frets messed up?
  20. BornToLooze

    I'm stuck in a rut.

    I've gotten to a point where I'm tired of playing all the songs I know, and can't think of any new songs I want to learn, so can I get some suggestions? Preferably something with Guitar Pro tabs.