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  1. freak

    Good acoustic duo songs

    I hate starting new threads..... Anyway, the keyboardist in my band (who sings half our songs) and myself (who sings, barely 5) are looking into doing an acoustic/electric thing. He will do most of the singing obviously, I'll try some, (I can do a lousy Neil Young) and were shooting around...
  2. freak

    Need some help motorheads.......

    So here is my car. I am looking to upgrade the rims. I know we have a lot of 'car guys and girls' here, so I am asking for your input. I've narrowed it down (I think) to these 3 (below) curious what everyone's thoughts and input is, and if you could, why? I'm obviously looking for that 'old...
  3. freak

    New Epiphone day

    Picked this up from sweetwater. I have been wanting a guitar to match the color of my soul and I found one. Classic 57 pickups, re strung and set up with 9-46 strings.. Great player. Very happy.
  4. freak

    New Epiphone day

    So I went in to my local gc last night, to get some work done on a guitar I had just brought. Decided to noodle around a bit, and picked up an Epiphone. Picked up this Limited Edition Plus top Pro. It caught my eye because I used to have a Desert Burst Les Paul. I could not put this thing...
  5. freak

    Archer Ikon, EP booster for sale

    re doing my rig, and could use the cash to help off set the cost. first up, an Archer Ikon. I did gig with it, as it was a staple on my board for a year. the back show the effects of me taking off the Velcro. $150. shipped. Next up is an ep booster. limited edition. I think 299/1500...
  6. freak

    wtb marshall footswitch

    Picked up a used dsl 100 head this weekend. unhappily it has no footswitch, so I am looking for one. if anyone has one for sale or trade, please let me know. thanks
  7. freak

    charvel or jackson?

    curious what you guys think. thinking of picking up a superstrat from sweetwater. can't try before hand but they both seem very similar. thinking of a charvel san dimas, or a Jackson soloist. not really hung up on gloss finish or anything. the neck radius seems the same, both have Floyd...
  8. freak


    as some know from my previous thread, I play through a clean amp with drive pedals. question for anyone else who does or has experience with this..... do you get the majority of your volume through the pedal, or the amp? I had a gig last Saturday, and for the first time in 2 years with...
  9. freak

    does anybody just go direct?

    I know its blasphemer here, but just curious if anyone just goes direct. no pedals, just rolling off the volume knob, and up for solos.....flipping the pick up switch, no nothing. no boost, no overdrive...... pros, cons? enjoyment factor? just giving it some thought. input is appreciated.
  10. freak

    free bass cabinet

    free bass cabinet. Yorkville sound (brought from long and mcquad). probably around 30 years old. 1 15 inch speaker. (maybe 12, but knowing me at that time it was 15). gigged a lot. has my old band name spray painted on it. located in east Rutherford new jersey. just pick it up. not...
  11. freak

    broken ribs

    I have 3 of them. :facepalm: very painful. very hard to breath. trying to deal with it best as I can. no band practice this week. will probably be in too much pain, and we have a gig in 2 weeks, which I refuse to cancel. anybody have any advise on dealing with broken ribs? dr says 6-8...
  12. freak

    playing in 2 bands

    I have an opportunity to play bass in a friends cover band. ironically they had asked our bass player to step in and play a few months ago but he declined (he would not have had to quit our band) and nor will I have to quit the one I am in. but the one I am in now would be my priority. I...
  13. freak

    happy birthday joeydego

    hope you don't mind dude....... you're jerk off comments are the gift that keeps giving. hopefully we can do the same. :D \m/
  14. freak

    looking for some high gain pick ups for my prs

    thinking maybe dimarzio super distortions? just want something a little hotter that the stocks in my 2016 prs ce. any suggetions? thanks in advance.
  15. freak

    check your bank statements guys

    checked my bank account online today. noticed a deduction for $11.42 from best buy in Minnesota. I live in jersey. now, maybe best buy is centered in Minnesota? don't know and don't care. it wasn't me. small deduction first, clean you our next. cancelled my card, may have to...
  16. freak

    2014 les paul traditional for sale

    2014 honey burst traditional for sale. excellent shape except for a little buckle rash on the back. love the guitar, the neck is just to fat for me. weighs in at a nice 10.2 lbs. has nice sustain and tone to die for (don't they all :rolleyes: ). I do have after market strap holders on it and...
  17. freak

    help me out with our set list......

    please. :D I hated the last set list that one of my band mates put together last month. its my turn now. I broke it up into 3 categories..... set 1is stuff that is more rock oriented. set 2 is more stuff that is sing along, get people dancing a bit. set 3 is just everything else. we are...
  18. freak

    npd..... archer ikon gold

    took advantage of pro guitar shops 'Saturday night special' when they had the archer ikon for $149.00. I gig with a fender 65 drri, with a voodoo labs sparkle mod. mod 2, gain cranked. I put the archer icon in front of it, gain at around noon, volume a bit above what I have the amp set at...
  19. freak

    what song is going through your head right now?

    .......and are you ok with it? i can't be the only one here who has music constantly running through thier head. sometimes i find myself with a song stuck in my head for hours. sometimes thats good, sometimes not so good. in fact, i very often keep time on my fingers to the beat of the song...
  20. freak

    any body selling a boss bf2?

    thinking I want a flanger. lemme know, or else i'll go the ebay route.