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    Epiphone says "Graduate to a Gibson"

    LOL I am one of these people. On two occasions, I've bought MIJ Epiphone Elitist Casino guitars when I was able to afford, but was uninterested in an ES-330. The Casino is a fantastic guitar and I never viewed the Casino as merely a budget ES-330. It was a competitor and, yes, I have an...
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    PTSD from reading facebook posts?

    I had not given much thought the content removed by Facebook's censors, or the fact that some untold amount of filth has be reviewed by human eyes to be properly identified and removed. If I find myself with some additional time, I'll read the story from the original post. When I was a...
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    Please tell me why BR Rosewood is so special

    Description of “less porous/smoother than Indian RW” and description of the deeper colors is precisely what I would have said in a comment. I have an acoustic with a Brazilian RW fretboard and bridge. Beyond that, I had a couple of old Martin’s in my hands with BRW back and sides. So, my limited...
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    FS: Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute DC - “Blue Stain”

    I’ve made edits to the original post and added photos. I’m not getting notifications. I’ll figure it out and try to reply promptly to any comments or replies.
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    FS: Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute DC - “Blue Stain”

    Yes. I have 40 days. My thought was to simply suck up my frustration and sell this rather than selling another of my guitars or prematurely cashing a CD and getting crushed on Taxes and penalties. Returning this guitar doesn’t appreciably help what I was trying to accomplish when I posted this...
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    FS: Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute DC - “Blue Stain”

    I still have it and I’m deciding whether or not to open, photo, and inspect the guitar. I’ll post photos if I get to sit with it tonight.
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    FS: Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute DC - “Blue Stain”

    Had I decided to order it two days later, I would have learned enough to delay the purchase. It’s irritating and a bit embarrassing. But, this sale will at least allow me to avoid selling something a guitar I would want to let go.
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    FS: Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute DC - “Blue Stain”

    $800 shipped continental US using all of the original packaging. I ordered this Les Paul Special Tribute DC guitar two weeks ago only to learn that I’ll need to sell some gear to raise money. This is the new for 2019 model with two P-90 pickups in “Blue Stain”. I’d like for this to go to a...
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    No “2017 Model” under Made in U.S.A?

    I might pick up a p o k e r chip tonight. I’m headed to GC for strings.
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    No “2017 Model” under Made in U.S.A?

    It’s been fun having an unusual Les Paul Standard, one that few have ever seen in a standard model. I thought about selling to raise some extra cash and quickly decided against it. It’s a fantastic guitar.
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    No “2017 Model” under Made in U.S.A?

    I though I said Standard in my original post. Maybe not. It’s a 2017 Gibson Exclusive Les Paul Standard. Ordered it from zZounds. They’re a related company to American Musical Supply.
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    No “2017 Model” under Made in U.S.A?

    Yes. I checked the search function. The serial number is barely visible on my 2017 Alpine White LP Standard. I just noticed that there is no “2017 Model” under “Made in the U.S.A”. Is this now a thing or is this yet another peculiarity of this special run? I don’t suppose it matters. I’m...

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