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    I cannot afford a Prehistoric '57 . . . what should I be shopping for (Neck feel discussion)?

    Hey Michael, where abouts is this prehistoric? Cheers
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    WTB 86/87 Gibson Prehistoric Goldtop Les Paul

    Looking to buy an 86/87 prehistoric goldtop. Will make a decent offer
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    All Gold Classic bullion gold 1990/1991

    Does anyone know how many were made between 1990/1991 and what the value is today thanks
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    Kim Deals Goldtop

    I've gold an Epiphone goldtop I'm gonna get Kim to sign the back
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    Thinking about a 57 conversion goldtop

    Looking for thoughts and advice on buying a 57 goldtop conversion. How much would you pay for one? Pros and cons
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    Kim Deals Goldtop

    Just wondered if anyone could identify what year Kim's goldtop is? Thanks
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    New Slash Goldtop in catalogue

    Should be coming soon
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    Show Your Goldtops!

    Been after a Goldtop for years in the mean time i want to see everyones Goldtops
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    Slash Goldtop 2020

    After seeing Trogly's video on the leaked Slash goldtop, and Slash confirming in an interview with sweet water this model should be coming out possibly early 2021. How will this model effect the value of the original 2008 run? Is it just pretty much a 50s goldtop with slash buckers?
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    Looking for a 1987 Gibson prehistoric goldtop

    Looking for a 1987 Gibson prehistoric goldtop, close years considered thanks
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    NGD Epiphone Les Paul Yamano Gakki

    I'm waiting on it coming from Japan
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    NGD Epiphone Les Paul Yamano Gakki

    Just scored this for a good price, thinking of turning it into the Peter Green Les Paul minus the relicing.
  13. Zoso#1

    Thoughts on this conversion
  14. Zoso#1

    Closest Peter Green LP

    I'm on the search for the closest Gibson Peter Green, the collectors choice goes abit high so is there an R9 or reissue that would be close or would a Replica be best option?
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    Best Peter Green Humbucker Set

    looking for the closest set to Peters, been thinking about Seth Lovers,Seymour Duncan 59s,Bareknuckle PG set, Lollar low wind PG pickups. Any recommendations thanks

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