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    So, what is Linux really?

    Actually there is a really easy way to try Linux. Download something called Wubi. If you're computer can't handle running a virtual machine, and you don't want to create a hard drive partition just because you're going to try it, then you use this. Basically it installs either Ubuntu or Kubuntu...
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    You Just Know This Is Going To Become An Episode Of Criminal Minds

    I was hoping Gideon would like pop back into the BAU to help catch the Reaper. But wasn't there an episode similar to this, where the guy was a trucker trying to find a wife so he wouldn't lose his daughter?
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    Top 10 Bands Ever

    -Led Zeppelin -The Beatles -The Rolling Stones -The Who -Black Sabbath -Rush -Anything Eric Clapton Has Been in (I can't pick between, The Yardbirds Cream, Derek and the Dominos, and his solo career) -Anything Neil Young has been in (again, I can't pick between Buffalo Springfield, CSN&Y...
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    Hey listen to this new music style (FOR OLDIES)

    I don't think this is technically dubstep but I don't see how anyone could not find this freaking awesome. [HQ] The Glitch Mob - Seven Nation Army Remix (The White Stripes) - YouTube
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    New Computer Advice

    I would love an SSD boot drive, but it really isn't in the budget. So I figured I would get the WD Black drive, which is the top rated HDD. Also, I really don't care how fast it takes my PC to boot up. I really only ever put it into sleep mode, which doesn't depend on the speed of your hard...
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    Fear of Heights

    Am i the only one, but does anyone else not actually find heights scary, just the thought and feeling of falling? I'm fine with being up high, but as soon as I start thinking about the act of falling, I don't like that. I know some people who are afraid of standing at the top floor of a...
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    New Computer Advice

    This seems like something I should be posting in like Tom's Hardware forums, but I think I trust MLP a bit more. Anyway, over the summer I was thinking about building my own computer. I just thought I'd ask for a bit of advice. I have two builds that I am currently debating (one AMD, and one...
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    The Axis of Awesome: 4 chords are all you need

    Apparently in my school's music appreciation class, the professor showed the class this to help teach basic theory.
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    led thiefpelin!! as discussed by howard stern and cohorts.

    I think LedHeadForLife's argument is basically saying that while Zeppelin didn't write the songs, they still made them famous and essentially did the work. The people they covered didn't make the song famous so they shouldn't be paid for it. But that's not how royalties work. I mean take Pink...
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    Windows 8 news...

    It's not even that they got rid of it. Apparently, you access the start "screen" by hovering your mouse in the bottom left corner... It's innovation I tell you!!!!![/sarcasm]
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    Why do 40+ Hobby Guitarists have trouble finding a playing partner, or is it just me?

    Hmm 4. Afraid that the two of you don't know any of the same songs so it is just going to end with the two of you playing random stuff that sounds like trash.
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    Which is th most overrated band for you :naughty:

    I don't really agree with this 100%. Some of my favorite Lennon songs he wrote after the Beatles, like Working Class Hero and Instant Karma, not to mention the Vietnam War protest song that people play every Christmas.
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    Well, for god's sake, it's MAY in PENNSYLVANIA...

    It's 84 in Mid-West Ohio ^.^
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    Which is th most overrated band for you :naughty:

    You sir, have a lot of courage.

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