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    Physical Graffiti or Exile on Main Street

    As much as I LOVE Physical Graffiti. And I LOVE that album. I've got to go with Exile. doesn't cover as much ground for sure. But I can listen to it on repeat for days. Maybe I need to give that at a try with Physical Graffiti?
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    Ngd 2021 r9

    ace frehley
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    Fake or refinish????

    Is it set up like a regular Floyd underneath??? More Pics!!! Crazy shit isn't always bad right? sometimes crazy can be good. :dude:
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    Fake or refinish????

    WTF is going on with that bridge?!!?!?!?? Some kinda custom plate covering a kahler route with a Floyd on it????
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    Anything new in the world of reverb pedals/tanks?

    It's not your standard reverb. that's for sure. But it's my kind of reverb.
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    Cool informative video about speakers

    oooooh. fun! I Love the deep dive on speakers. I'll watch that for sure. :cheers:
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    MIK Epiphone Les Paul

    $100!!!???? :applause::cool2::cheers:
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    Anything new in the world of reverb pedals/tanks?

    Game changer Light pedal. I'd say that qualifies as new. and game changing.
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    MIK Epiphone Les Paul

    Unsung! buy it.
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    Ovation Bridge Reglue Nightmare

    so essentially in order to repair the bridge, you'd need to replace the top???
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    CuNiFe is BACK!!! Fender WRHB pickups.

    CuNiFe magnets!! More treble. More Treble.... no, I said MORE TREBLE!!!!!
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    D’angelico Excel Mini DC vs Gibson L4 Ces Custom Shop - Guitar Duet - Guitar Test - No Talking

    Damn does the D'angelico sound good! I've only played them unplugged and they have been impressive, but I wasn't expecting that small cheap guitar to be as nuanced as an L4. nice playing. I know that's the part I'm missing. :laugh2:

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