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    Initials in truss rod cavity?

    I got all kinds of scrbblin!
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    Will Grover 102s direct fit

    They look like 10 mm on there. I have no doubt the shafts will fit i just dont want to put new screw holes in a 39 year old guitar if i can avoid it. I figure someone here must have made the swap.
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    Will Grover 102s direct fit

    I have an 81 Standard, oddly enough its my first standard lf the era. Im not a giant fan of the tuners. Does anyone know if ant grovers would be direct drop in/bottom screw lines up? I eyeballed it with some milkbottles but they look like theyd come up short but i know on some models the screw...
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    NGD- 1981 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Seems pretty sweet so far. If anyone has an early 80s Standard Truss Rod cover or an 80s Cream pickguard give me a shout
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    SOLD SOLD SOLD 1980 Gibson Les Paul Custom

    Gone gone gone. Sorry ya missed it
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    What pickups for LP custom

    If you really want something actually high output in gold and dont care about pole pieces these do really well in Customs...
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    What pickups for LP custom

    Never really considered a JB or Jazz as High Output. Honestly being all mahogany something in the 8k range should be more than enough bite and still keep it warm. I love T tops in Customs. I think theyre like PB and J but I do prefer them uncovered. They get real mean
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    Relicing attempts.

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    Relicing attempts.

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    World's sexiest woman to play history's sexiest queen

    Ive made a lifetime of fun out of this combo right here.
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    Whatever happened to River?

    I was literally JUST thinking about this!
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    What is a small thing that makes a big difference to your LP?

    Someone besides me playing it
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    Anyone ordered from Creamtone in the last week?

    This is spot on. Ive orderd stuff and waited an abhorrent amount of time for it. It was almost 3 weeks on an SG Pickguard. Last week i ordered a Junior TRC expecting it to be a wait and it was at my house like 3 days later. Its hot/cold roulette every time i order but ive set that expectation...

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