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    Ah, I was getting excited right until I saw the second post. Congrats!
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    Chambering A Les Paul, A Different Approach

    @Dougie I too don't really have much insight other than to go for it once you've thought it through and come up with a workable path for *you*. I get it. It doesn't have to be done. You want it to be. A year ago I wanted to add wood to the neck of a 60's standard that was likewise broken...
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    Half hearted question on best way to age/relic

    Sorry, I thought it would just put the link in my post, not embed the video. Sorry if it seems obnoxious. Not my intention.
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    Half hearted question on best way to age/relic

    For my two cents, the scotch brite idea is where it's at. I prefer the 3M pads. They have grit ratings like sand paper. If you're sure you're into this plan, here's how I would do it. Check out this video. It's me working on a butcher block table. At 8 mins I start talking about the 3M...
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    Looking for a project Les Paul

    It's a 59 round carve.
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    2019 Gibson Les Paul Special 50’s.

    Oh man, I feel some bad decisions in my life coming on...
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    Need a little (or maybe a lot?) help with an LPC p/u swap

    Yup, you need some help. Typing on my phone, so I can't go into detail. Remove metal cover. Desolder pick up leads from proper pots (check Google/youtube). Pull pickup from the front cavity. Google/youtube 4 conductor to 2 conductor. You'll need the dimarzio color codes. Have fun with it...
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    converting a 60's slim profile to a 50's profile? Looking for direction

    Alright, here's some fresh pics. Sorry, I didn't mess with lighting and setup. They're not the best pics. Neck is structurally sound. Still cosmetically debatable. The Tru-Oil finish is pretty cool. Rock hard, and smooth. Not sticky at all. I really kind of dig it. I have to say, one...
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    converting a 60's slim profile to a 50's profile? Looking for direction

    So far, so good! I actually sold the traditional that I modeled the neck after. I'll post a picture once I get through this holiday weekend.
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    Quarter pounders should have the big 1/4" slugs. Should be easily identifiable. Fun pickups IMO.
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    Valuing a Gibson R7 goldtop with a headstock break and weighing pros/cons of a top refin

    I would buy a repaired headstock R7 in a second at the right price. For players like me that can't or won't spend the higher cash on a reissue, it's the perfect scenario. With that bias being admitted to, also agree with @mdubya. The value in a re-fin is likely all lost from a financial...
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    NGD 1987 Les Paul Junior

    HCT knows where it's at. (Literally, we live about an hour apart). He's welcome to come play it anytime. Honestly I'd happily sell it him. Not because it's junk, but because he truly loves these guitars. AND if he buys something, it ain't on a whim. He's one of the most disciplined buyers...
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    NGD 1987 Les Paul Junior

    Sorry for the post with no pics. You'd think I'm a rookie around here or something... Here it is. 1986 LP Junior. All original AFAIK of course the paisley art is added on as well as an overcoat finish on top of the paisley of some sort. Shellac if I had to guess.

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