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    Is there anything worse....

    This one wins: 3 Second Rule- Lisa Gail Allred( The Official Music Video) - YouTube
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    Post YOUR YouTube Videos!

    Playing in front of 7 million people on national television (I'm on bass: ) Cab 20 on Shark Tank 5-11-12 - YouTube Opening for a sold out Black Rebel Motorcycle Club concert at The Catalyst in Santa Cruz:
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    String change?

    When I was an actively gigging guitarist, I would change strings whenever the tone stopped being bright. For me, that was about once every week and a half or so with nickel/steel and maybe once a month or so with pure nickel strings. As a bedroom player, I change them when they start to...
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    Ever heard of a little band called Black Rebel Motorcycle Club?

    Thanks everyone. These guys are one of my band's biggest influences, so this is pretty awesome for us. We're getting paid, we're playing for a huge audience opening for a very well established band, and we get to watch and hang out backstage with a band we really like. This is a dream!
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    Ever heard of a little band called Black Rebel Motorcycle Club?

    Well, they just asked us to open for them on Thursday at a sold out concert in Santa Cruz. Two day notice, but hell if that's gonna stop us from opening for a band we all like (that also happens to be a very well charted band.) I'm ridiculously excited right now. This is really good for us...
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    Post YOUR YouTube Videos!

    This is my band playing a show for about 3,000 people in San Francisco during our tour last month. Cab 20 - "Gravedigger" at Dolores Park - YouTube And this one has me singing (poorly) the first time we played with our new drummer. Cab 20 - Teenage Girl (Live @ CrestFest 2012) - YouTube
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    Stringing with the stirngs wrapped around the tailpiece?

    Use the search function. This is very literally the single most common thread topic in the history of this entire guitar forum. Seriously. Even more common than 'Is this guitar a fake?' or 'How do I get tone like ____' threads. this has been discussed to death. I don't think we can go more than...
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    New Bass!

    Thanks. Loving this thing like crazy. Just got home from practice with it, and I seriously couldn't be happier.
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    Any Suggestions For a Really Good Guitar Stand?

    SOLD! Where do I buy? :cool:
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    New Bass!

    Just got a new Thunderbird! It's arctic white, and I plan on replacing all the anodized black hardware with gold hardware to make it look more like something Gretsch would put out, I just need to wait for everything to come in the mail. I ordered this thing back in May and just got it a week...
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    Any Suggestions For a Really Good Guitar Stand?

    +1 on the Hercules. In my 15 years of guitar playing, I've gone through many stands. My Hercules is the only one that I haven't felt worried about having my guitar fall out of. Since the bottom of the guitar doesn't rest on anything, the stand doesn't tip over if you bump into the guitar...
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    What are your thoughts about posting these type of signs at your home

    Signs like that are fine and dandy. Some criminals might be deterred and go to the next house over, some might skip over the neighbors and be more inclined to hit up this house because now they might score some free guns to sell. Therefor they don't really accomplish anything. You know what...
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    Cobalt Strings

    I'm not going to delve into the sciency mumbo jumbo as I have in other threads. The gist of it is that cobalt, nickel, and steel strings have very different sounds, and which you like better is subjective. Nickel is warm with a rounded sound, steel has a huge treble boost with a slight mid...
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    afraid of flying

    A little less than two hours. Just enough time for me to get to Wing Fortress zone in Sonic The Hedgehog 2 on my emulator with only two missing chaos emeralds.
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    afraid of flying

    I just flew for the first time in my life two weeks ago. From L.A. to Portland. (Nice coincidence.) I had the same kind of worries. Turns out I love flying. It's like a mild theme park ride that goes on for hours. My only complaint is that I hate being packed like a sardine.

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