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    Thinking of trading my 5150 head...

    A 5150 or Soldano SLO (both similar) is a significantly different amp than an early Marshall-type amp. If you really want his early tone, you can't get it with a 5150/SLO, nor will you be able to trade a used 5150 (around $500-600) straight across for a Marshall -- which you will want with a...
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    WGD Trad Ice Tea?

    So it all worked out.... What's her name?
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    Ace Frehley& the joy of pentatonics

    Ace had his own style, unlike anyone else, worked great for the band and his solo stuff (that '78 solo disc is still a great guitar record). Re: KISS and merch, I've only heard/read Simmons brag about that. Might seem crass, but from a $ standpoint very smart and I don't begrudge him or them...
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    Jeff beck tone with lp?

    You probly know this already but: Sola Colorsound Overdriver! Cool Jeff Beck Les Paul Vids
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    Help Gurus!! wich color is this les paul? (PIC HEAVY)

    New one on me -- shweet! Whose guitar is it?
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    Levy Straps

    Great info on here guys, thanks. I only feel it when I take the LP off, but would rather not feel it...
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    Bonamassa Gold Top LP!

    If i remember fright, he also says the nylon saddles equate the volumes of the three higher strings to the three lower ones. Be curious about your (op's) opinion of that once you have the geetar
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    My "Blackfire" Les Paul Custom

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    Is it justme who doesn't like flametops?

    I like flames more than quilt, but since PRS came along and cheap laminate tops, it's kind of taken the air out of it all for me. Not as "special" anymore
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    Dimarzio 36th PAF review

    +1. I have heard them but not owned them.
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    New guitar and pedal day! LP Classic and Kanji Overdrive.

    Wow, what a price! Congrats! What are you hoping to get out of the Kanji?
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    Why No Tom Scholz Goldtop Signature LP?

    I'm a big fan of Tom's music, but he's such a perfectionist and slow worker that the sig LP process would likely take forever and may never see the light of day.
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    70's Les Paul @ Sam Ash

    Did you buy it and if not can you pm me the # of the store?!
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    Custom with maple neck?

    You mean maple fingerboard -- tho it also could have a maple neck. These are less common but also less desirable. Play it first. They can sound thin, believe it or not.
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    1983 Les Paul Custom - Picture Day

    Why is it so beat-up? Just kidding man! Nice one!

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