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    Split Parallelogram Soup

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    Incoming! Memphis '58 Historic ES-335 VOS

    mdubya is right on what he is telling you. I rode the wave with him on the CME blowout and some outstanding guitars came out of there. Memphis set the bar on the high side.
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    Troubleshooting Electronics in 53 ES-175d

    I'm reading this with great interest, because I have a reissue of essentially the same guitar. A 2015 reissue, '54 ES-175D Dark Burst. I have not noticed it sounding like what you say, but what do I know! I'll take another play and listen and see what I hear. Or hear what I hear. Whatever...
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    Gibson finish colors

    I can identify with you wanting a lightburst. I think the faded lightbursts are one of the best colors ever. But I'm a bit biased having one. They came in 3 versions: Faded lightburst (plaintop) Figured faded lightburts (same except figured) Premiere figured faded lightburst (whole different...
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    Looking for Explorer E2 Truss Rod Cover and Posi-Lok Strap Buttons

    I have a '79 and love it. Come on, let's see it!
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    2018 Firebird still nine-ply construction?

    That's interesting. It also came in the sunburst so you'd see it there. Any chance you can capture that in a photo to post?
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    1963 ES-335, your thoughts?

    This is me, exactly. I follow vintage and read and learn with interest. But I really don't want to go through the learning curve and the pitfalls enough to get into buying them. Might have if I were younger, but not now. That's where the CME blowout sale became my salvation. I bought a...
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    2018 Firebird still nine-ply construction?

    I would check with Gibson to be sure, but I think it is pretty well spelled out that it is not multi ply. 2018 and 2020 are virtually the same there and say "Mahogany". 2019 says "Mahogany/Walnut". You can't really expect them to say "Mahogany/ no walnut. It would help if they said how...
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    Epiphone Les Paul Traditional Pro

    I still have my EPI Ttad Pro I bought new in 2015. It is a solid player. Setup was not bad, but I took it to my tech for a setup anyway, and that really made it perfect, as long as you like the slim taper neck. Couldn't believe how much improvement there was. Still like it.
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    Jilted lover walks in on cheating husband, smashes his guitar

    He's lucky she didn't string him up.
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    Kalamazoo factory auction

    Since you are so hellbent on being right, I'll give that to you. You are right. I meant what you thought. Go ahead and ignore the other posts here, you will believe what you want to believe. You win! I'm done, even if you're not. Have a nice day, and get a good nite's sleep.
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    Kalamazoo factory auction

    I'm sorry I don't mean to be harsh, but I will be bluntly honest. Because you can't "figure out what else that means" is still no reason to presume theft. As you can see from subsequent posts, it means other ways than theft. Despite what you think. Presumptions get you in trouble, you know...
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    Kalamazoo factory auction

    There is a lot for me to disagree with here. First of all you are presuming what I refer to are stolen parts. From what I could gather, they were not stolen. No more that the auctioned parts, And there can be plenty different about unfinished parts. The guitar I refereed to that I have us...
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    Kalamazoo factory auction

    IF there was one or more of these sales, one was 1984? Any other dates tossed around? It is also my understanding that there were also unfinished bodies and necks that went out the door in other ways too, like employees. And there were shops in the area that routinely sold "new" guitars that...
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    Its a 2014 Memphis ‘63 ES 335 VOS considered a 50th Anniversary ?

    Nice! I'm not sure, but I don't think there is anything that makes it an anniversary model other that it came out in an anniversary year. You can call it an anniversary model, but there is no significance. It is definitely a killer model no matter what you call it. I think the model number is...

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