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    So this is the new Gibson, sure looks like the old Gibson to me!

    Probably the new guy. He's gotta' practice at some point in time. Just not on mine.
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    A small rant about Gibson pickups from a Gibson fan

    It's all subjective really. Me personally I haven't found a better set than the 496R/500T for what I do.
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    Are 60’s necks slightly more finicky than 50’s necks?

    I don't notice a stability difference between any of my Gibson necks big or small. If there is I can't see it.
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    Best Value Gibson Les Paul

    Tributes or LPJ's. They've held their values really well.
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    Why do people say or act like Gibsons are overpriced ??

    Technically the Standard is under priced. If they were approximately $290 back in 1959, adjusting for inflation, Standards should cost around $2800 today. I honestly think it has more to do with envy. But if you really think about it, Gibson is the only large American made manufacturer that...
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    FIRST Gibson Les Paul to be auctioned off. What's the deal?

    I'm surprised. Even my made in Mexico Strats have rolled edges.
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    FIRST Gibson Les Paul to be auctioned off. What's the deal?

    That's pretty much what Trogly stated in his video to which makes most sense to me.
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    Fender Modern Player Plus

    I actually really dig these pine bodies. They look pretty nice.
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    Slash model doesn't have his signature pickups, thoughts?

    I'm sure they're just fine and people are more concerned with the brand name.
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    Fender Modern Player Plus

    Pretty cool pickguard
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    Can I get my refund on my silverburst?

    I'd stop buying them if they start using that plastic stuff..
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    Can I get my refund on my silverburst?

    People pay big bucks for all the issues mentioned...
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    Another "Slim Taper" thread

    I'm one of the 8 if you're referring to Gibsons soloist fretboards.
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    HELP. Gibson Slash AFD VOS or Gibson Bullseye?

    Zak liked large necks so I wouldn't be surprised if this model had a 50's profile. I know his Wylde Audio guitar necks are pretty wide.l
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    Looking to find myself with a Gibson

    Depends on your budget for reference. A used Classic would be just as good. Really depends on your budget and what you really want. Or select a used 2018 Studio in Smokehouse burst. Comes with full gloss and neck binding.

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