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    Gibson USA Flametop Friday!

    The flamed beast of!
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    In praise of The New Originals!

    " let one go" Let one go? What does that mean?
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    60's Standard 61 pickups?

    That was my main gripe withe the 61T, thin and shrill. Ended up replacing them with my preferred 496/500 set. I prefer the enhanced mids and booming lows.
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    Exact width of a 50s Gibson Les Paul neck?

    Yes side to side Gibson necks are typically 1.67" to 1.70". The depth though can range from 0,79" - 0.92+". The fatness means front to back only. Now the exception to the rule is my 2015 Les Paul Special which came stock with the new 'soloist fretboard' with a width of 1.77" but a shallow...
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    What's your Les Paul neck preference?

    Spot on.
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    What's your Les Paul neck preference?

    Maybe because the 60's slim taper has more meat on the shoulders where the Wizard necks are close to being flat?? My 2013 LPJ Pro has a similar profile to the Trads. 0.9 - 1.0. Actually my SG Classic has the same measurements. My Standard 60's is probably the thinnest one I own at .82 - .91...
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    What's your Les Paul neck preference?

    I'm in the back and forth camp myself. I'll go through a 50's profile phase and then a 60's slim phase for awhile. I play and love both. Hell I could probably be satisfied with a Wizard neck profile and be fine.
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    Gibson Exclusives Collection - who needs olive drab?

    Oooh I like that one!
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    Comment by 'Wise Guy' in media '2005 Explorer'

    The Explorer?
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    What's your Les Paul neck preference?

    Any really. I'm honestly not even sure which I prefer. From my slim taper Standard 60's to the rounded 50's profile of my chunky SG Classic.... I go through phases where sometimes I prefer thin, and sometimes I prefer thick. Now rarely do I ever want to play a neck that's Wizard thin though...
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    Just Bought a "Demo" off Gibsons Demo Shop

    I'm guilty of the same....
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    Leaving Nashville mod

    Reminded me of Gibsons fireburst or triburst.
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    2021 Fretboards

    My SG Classic has a super blonde rosewood fretboard.
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    2021 Fretboards

    Took me about 3 applications of lemon oil to get my fretboard up to par. Bone dry was an understatement!

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