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    Neck/Fretboard to Body Angle for Bolt-on Necks?

    Also flat or carved top will affect the angle required
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    ‘56 Inspired LP Build

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    ‘56 Inspired LP Build

    I love how you made the upper portion the flamed maple, so when the finish wears you’ll see a little pop through.
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    That looks great, nice save fixing that one.
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    Jimmy Page Guitar's control Cavity pix

    Yet nobody complains that Jimmy destroyed a vintage Les Paul ;)
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    In Canada...

    Not seeing Rush is a regret of mine. I had many chances too but I’m relatively young compared to their fan base (36). My Aunt on my Dads side is married to Neil’s uncle, and I was offered several times to go and always said no, I know, I’m an idiot. I never met the man but have had the pleasure...
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    2019 Page #1 60th anniversary??

    Well if the coa doesn’t say page, it’s not a page, pure and simple. I’m t might be inspired by it but has no more value then any R9 with a similar top. It is a beauty thou
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    PSA - Ebony Fretboard Blanks

    I have that problem all the time while ripping down general construction lumber, it’s usually not strong enough to stop the saw but can still kick it back and it’s torture on a job site table saw.
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    Secondary control cavity do YOU do it?

    Yes watch all of Freddys videos on that build, they are tremendously informative on techniques required to build a proper Les Paul.
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    Secondary control cavity do YOU do it? This is the thread that shows the box jig, @pshupe can send you detailed plans or you can just make one from the basic dimensions from the thread. Big thanks again to Peter for his time and effort to put together the plans in a proper file.
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    Secondary control cavity do YOU do it?

    Yes the top has to be carved and you should either measure it’s thickness with an outside caliper or spot drill the pot holes with a 1/8 bit to know the thickness. You need to take enough material for short shaft pots to fit, they have 3/8” of threads so around 1/4” is the final thickness I go...
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    PSA - Ebony Fretboard Blanks

    Too bad they can’t ship to Canada, I want an ebony board for a guitar I’m working on, and yeah that’s 3 for 1.
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    quality vs quantity

    For 10g’s I’d contact Jack Briggs and get an amazing semi hollow 335 esc and contact Freedy G and get a LP, I’d love a guitar from either of those fellas and I’m sure with 10g’s I could make it work.
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    Tropical/ocean blue maple finishing help!!

    Did you bleach the top first? If not it’s very hard to get that vibrant colour, it gets a bit muddy. @Skyjerk seems to have this process down fairly well. Check his threads out, like his “half a strat is better then none” thread.

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