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    PRS 30th Anniversary CU24 a month later

    My favorite PRS guitar is my DW CE 24 ‘Floyd’ in Waring Burst. Not at all as nice looking as yours trmckn, but not PAF-like at all. A rocker. She snarls and growls when I want, but mellows right out as well. Your little beauty reminds me of a Santana.
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    this replaced the SGJ.
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    Looking for a Fat Neck SG type guitar - Suggestions ??

    I have an SGJ I am not using. Very nice I think. Yours for shipping. If it does not fit you, just send it back. $0.00 plus shipping. ;)
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    NGD. (NGD means New Guitar Day). Not a big deal but I am happy. A Line 6 Shuriken 250. Black. Pics tomorrow if anyone cares. I have the Helix Floor. Should be fun. And looks to be room for a Roland split pickup GK-3 and already have the SY-1000. Might be a mess, might be very cool.
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    NGD Slash AFD - a bit disappointed

    This is what mt SG looks like in interior lighting. Kinda same. Get it under LIGHTS or daylight, it eye punches.
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    NGD Slash AFD - a bit disappointed

    Subtle, but nice.
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    DO you have trouble bonding with a PRS ?

    I have four SE’s, all are okay. But recently bought a CE. Nice neck, nice sound, feels great. I have played a couple of cores, but am currently lusting over the Orianthi. We will see.
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    I wanna see yalls latest edition to your guitar collection!

    EKH3 Spider is latest. Also have the look-alike LTD Spider
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    FT: ESP Eclipse.

    I have a couple of the ESP USA Eclipse's. Nice nice guitars. Take a look at them, price is right.
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    FT: ESP Eclipse.

    Big sigh. Day(s) late, but had the dollars. Many days. I guess I'll just have to order a new one.
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    FT: ESP Eclipse.

    Sold. Dammit. How do we do this? Tell me how much with the hard case please.
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    NGD...2008 ESP Eclipse I 4knob

    Lucky dog, you.
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    ESP Eclipse II

    You could ask them to make one the way you want. Might be stupid $$$, might not.
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    ESP Eclipse II

    I have two Eclipse's, both ESP USA's, both extraordinarily good. I have four Gibson's, the ESP's are better all around (fit, finish, neck, etc.), but they do not sound the same as the Gibson's (335, 235, SG, SGHPII) not that that group should sound the same. I like the ESP's sounds better, but...

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