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    Kenny Rogers is dead

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    Kenny Rogers is dead

    The young and edgy Kenny Rogers.
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    Now more than ever: The history of Chicago

    Always loved the horns on the early stuff and Peter Cetera was a bass playing mofo.
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    Once Were Brothers: Robbie Robertson and The Band

    Him and Garth are the only two left alive and Garth doesn't talk much.
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    I'm not dead yet, but I'm freak'n old!

    You paid your 'premiums' your whole working life, it's not "free money", congratulations, btw.
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    Captain Meets Walter Trout - An Hour Well Spent

    I'm a little surprised Captain had never heard of Jesse Ed Davis.
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    Remember when this was "stoner rock"? My how things have changed

    This was the kind of thing that moved my head back in those days.
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    Aged True Historic - Factory Buckle Rash or Not

    As crazy as it sounds, there's "aging" and then there's damage. That looks like damage to me.
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    “You’re under arrest.” - “No I’m not!” - Did it work?

    The damn cops are all power hungry, jacked up cowards now. "Thank you for your service." shit! If the woman would have been black, she would be dead.
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    NGD: 2019 R8 Bourbon burst

    Once you own a CS Historic, nothing else will ever be good enough, unless you have an extra quarter of a million dollars laying around.
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    Another NGD: Amber Burst R8

    That's got some mojo to it. I think I'd keep it.
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    Susan Tedeschi's Les Paul

    She's a lot of woman.
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    Permanent Daylight Savings Time in Florida?

    Here in the midwest, DST in winter is dangerous. The sun wouldn't be up until after 8am. School kids walking and waiting for buses in the dark is a bad situation. You can't fool mother nature.
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    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    What good would that do? I've said my piece.

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