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    Tech quoted 45mins of labor to swap pickups. Does that sound right?

    I have a 1 hour minimum ! Your lucky !!! AND CHEAP!!!
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    Adam Jones sigs stolen during shipment

    Crap, they are probably still sitting in Gibson loading dock! Probably never even got loaded! I don't buy it unless I see a Police Report!! Don't worry Gibby has a history of doing "limited Edition" and then turning around and making more than they promised the waiting buyer, JUST like they did...
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    Identifying a Gibson LP

    My knobs I changed because I thought the black looked better against the red. I am on guitar #513 after 43 years and no two will ever look exactly alike. I would bet anything it is what it is, Santa Fe Red LE Post 275 production Standard.
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    Identifying a Gibson LP

    That is a "LE" Santa Fe Sunrise. They came out in 2003 with several color schemes. They LIED to the consumer and promised only 275 of each color would be produced. The hand written numbers (1/275) can be found under the Made in USA. But being the asshats that Gibson is they continued to produce...
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    '59 Burst for sale in MD

    When I bought my '59 Strat, my wife, who just got the '59 part, obviously ! Pointed at a glass case with 6 guitars inside and said these are really pretty and all are 50's except for this one '60, why don't you get one of these, do you already have one? Then the owner put one in her hands, while...
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    PCB vs. Handwired

    I recently purchased BluZamp #50, I believe it is an 18 watt, although it was advertised @ 20 if I remember correctly Head and !2" cab . For an amp with such a beautiful, dovetail cabinet and head and an additional Steel cage for the head this thing was a great deal ! It has a great Marshall...
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    THE Les Paul Wall ❤️

    I have once, but I have made a ton of purchases from you online. I have to drive from AK-Fl-AK this Spring and we plan to stop in !!
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    CITES Restrictions on Guitars to be Over Soon!

    And it has been a pain in builders arses for at hell of a lot longer than 2017
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    Anders Osborne - Guitars Stolen

    I also had a stolen guitar and Amp pawned, it was returned with evidence tags on it after I found it the cops came the Pawn shop owner was cool, cops took guitars for evidence then called me the next day to come get them , they had photographed them and wanted them out of their hands, so they...
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    Cobain's Daughter Lost the "Unplugged in New York" Guitar in Divorce Settlement

    That is true. also yes a pedal or so was always around. I think the guitar already had different pickups when he got it but he may have messed around with those also.
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    Cobain's Daughter Lost the "Unplugged in New York" Guitar in Divorce Settlement

    Yep he had a Fender HPTT also a Silvertone 1484 (as well as other various amps) and trolled Seattle for old crappy guitars and occasionally got his hands on some decent ones also. He is the reason my ex-wife started writing lyrics, she was a friend of his and would party with him. I was more a...
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    Cobain's Daughter Lost the "Unplugged in New York" Guitar in Divorce Settlement

    Your right almost EVERY Martin sounds better than the D18-E!!
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    Cobain's Daughter Lost the "Unplugged in New York" Guitar in Divorce Settlement

    I don't put pick-ups in the guitars I build , never have and I never will. Learn to mic it or just buy an electric is what I tell them , either that or go get someone else to install it after I'am done. I think they all sound like crap! Like a guitar singing through it's nose! I was the road...
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    Cobain's Daughter Lost the "Unplugged in New York" Guitar in Divorce Settlement

    It is an Electric, a D-18E is a D-18 with two pickups from the factory, they didn't sell many and hence they are rare but not really worth much, at least the last one I watched sell. In a twist of fate I ended up with a top that his luthier ordered from Martin to replace the top on this guitar...
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    Brazilian Rosewood on Ebay Caution

    The Feds have a paper available on the net for testing (BRW) rosewood against others such as kingwood.Don't have the link on hand but you can easily find it. I have never used dust to test I follow the procedures they use which calls for making a fresh dimple with a chisel and promptly testing...

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