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    My Boston Terrier eats corn on the cob.

    We had a cat that would climb into the trash can and drag out a corncob and chew on it until it was bare. Miss that cat, he had a bunch of interesting quirks. Entertaining guy.
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    Whats your favorite go to hot sauce?

    Frank's is the standard, but not the one and only. I love non fruity Habanero sauces and the Tabasco sauces.
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    Les Paul Special VE Walnut hotrod

    Good playing. Welcome!
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    Just Went to GC

    My Turbotune works with my battery drivers well. No need for another powered device. I got some pink slinkys for xmas, the greens are all still holding up. Time will tell, never tried 9s on the Teles.
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    Chet's just killin' it!

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    It's all very sad. Destroying anything they can, disregarding what it is and what it represents. Just destruction for the sake of it.
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    Les Paul & Mary Ford Post Divorce

    Damn, it's Tuesday.
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    New Old Neil Young

    With that crew, I'll probably buy it. I've always thought he peaked in the early to mid 70s.
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    New Motorcycle Day

    Had a couple Nortons, they were rockets for their time. Then came along the Japanese superbikes. Always lusted for a Ducati.
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    I need a tele case

    Tele survives, SVT requires major surgery.
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    NGD: 1973 Telecaster Refin

    Yes, still have it...true keeper. Pics are problem for the moment.
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    NGD: 1973 Telecaster Refin

    Congrats on your score! I have a '72 that was given to me by a friends widow. It had laid in it's case on a garage floor for three years, and had been flooded and frozen. The neck was split in half, bridge pup fractured as well. The neck pup and controls still were in good order. The sunburst...
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    Any Lizz Fans Out There?!

    Big time!
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    Anybody have a cheap guitar that is a lifetime never seller?

    I have a '72 Tele that was given to me by a friends widow with no neck. I played it with an old strat neck for a couple of years. I got lucky and traded for a '52 RI "Genuine Replacement Neck" when I was still welcome at TDPRI. Fat 7.25 radious. Many don't care for the short rad neck, but I love...
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    Anybody have a cheap guitar that is a lifetime never seller?

    1998 American Standard Tele from Ebay 2001, $500. One of my favorites.

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