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    Have you dipped your gonads in Soy sauce lately?

    Rocky mountain oysters with Frank's Red Hot. I put that shit on everything.
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    Damn cat.....

    If they can climb onto something, and find something to push off-guess what.
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    Tuning Issues ( Anybody )

    Four Lesters have lived in my house, never had a tuning issue.
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    What would happen if.....

    High school graduation parties 1975. We had a rolling kegger in a pickup truck. We visited all the parties we knew about, while drinking all the way. Six of us in the truck, three in front three in the back. I had my knees against the tailgate pissing off the back of the truck. We hit a bump and...
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    And another thing. All these puns....

    I want that t shirt.
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    They'll end up missing the point.

    These will become popular there. My wife bought me one, I keep it by my chair.
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    Will the new headstock design reduce tone?!

    N or Z gauge will make you appreciate precise adjustments. And a Tele headstock rules for tone.
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    NGD: Fender Telecaster Traditional 60s

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    Can't catch a fugging break.

    She'll be fine. Once she gets past the trauma, she'll bounce back. Best wishes for her recovery.
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    Neil Peart died

    Very sad day.
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    Survival Movies

    "The Edge" with Anthony Hopkins is one of my favorites.
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    prefered shipping methods, experiances?

    I shipped a pedal steel from PA to CA a few years ago. Took it to the UPS store to be packed and shipped 75# package delivered perfectly. Let them pack it, any issues are on them.
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    Any Bluegrassers Out There

    Played it when I started 50 years ago, and still enjoy playing it. Cross picking is used in all styles of playing, you'll get more frustrated when you move on to finger picking. Keep at it.
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    Words real men never use

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    Today I joined the 3/4 Century Club

    Happy Birthday!