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    Les Paul Long tenons router for Staple p90s

    I have an original 50's staple in my tele.. wonderful sound... you wont be disappointed I'm sure
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    Looking for a Set of P90s

    You won't go wrong with a set of these.... Articulate, clean and also.. gritty !!! what more could you ask for ?
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    Happy New Year from the UK !!

    New Years resolution... No more guitars
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    50 years old - FIRST GUITAR

    Much fun awaits you, learn you will (Yoda 2019)
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    Les Paul P90 Harness

    Thanks 007
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    Les Paul P90 Harness

    Hi Roxy Thanks for your thoughts. I have 50s wiring on my juniors, which works for me on single pickup guitars, but was hesitant as I don’t have much experience with two P90 set ups. I will now try your route. I get confused re how the cap value changes the sound, how does the value affect the...
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    Les Paul P90 Harness

    Hi Folks I have just acquired a 2016 Les Paul Tribute with P90’s ....Any recommendations for a upgrade for the harness?? Pot values..Linear or Taper...50s wiring or treble bleed Kind regards Wailing
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    NGD 62 melody maker

    Great combination of woods you have there.... Bet it sounds awesome... enjoy
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    P90 Tributes....... Any good?

    I just bought a 2016 60's tribute with P90's .. Original owner had changed the Gibson P90's for Lindy Fralins.. Two piece back, nice plain top.. thick Rosewood fretboard... Fantastic Les Paul... definitely a keeper.
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    The most discussed guitarists and their tones

    Gibson Les Paul... ‘Pig’ of a Marshall.. cocked Wah...Tonebender (mk 1 I think)..... Yes..... I am seconding Mick Ronno Ronson
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    Burstbucker II Idea Height?

    I have Burstbucker Vs and have both the neck and bridge pickups quite low.. with the poles raised’s all a matter of taste I rights no wrongs
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    20w Is Enough

    Where does the number of speakers fit into the equation ?
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    NGD - 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard

    Awesome guitar... very likely to be a one piece back... My 2002 is a honeyburst I believe and is different to your one.. maybe yours is a light burst ?
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    NAD Deluxe Reverb

    Im looking forward to the review when it arrives.... where will you be winding it up to ten ??