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    Got a new Goldtop Standard and ... not loving it

    I struggled in the same way with my les Paul with burst buckets .. 50s wiring and a pair of Bareknuckle Peter Greens and I am as happy as can be
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    2012 Les Paul Studio layered “grenadillo”?

    I had a sig T with a grenadillo fretboard, definitely denser than rosewood.. more towards ebony, lovely bright edge.. I liked it a lot but my 2002 standard turned up so some other lucky soul is now playing it
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    FS/FT: Rare Vintage British Amplifier Nolan Flame (Celeb Owned)

    I would suggest someone snap this up if it’s anywhere as good as my 1970s Nolan
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    Best P90 Gibson guitar?

    Difficult to improve on this choice
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    Best and Worst Years For LP Standards

    I have 3 2016's that are fantastic (Tribute 60's SG Junior and Les Paul Junior) and a 2002 Les Paul Standard that is absolutely beautiful so... I think there are good and bad in all years.. I was able to try them out.. but its so difficult when you need to buy online... good luck in your search
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    Is this Ash ?

    my one was painted before the previous owner modified it back in the mid 70s.. you can see traces of blonde under the switches
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    Is this Ash ?

    what would identify this as possibly being swamp ash?
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    Is this Ash ?

    I dont know... the folks here are bound to know
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    Is this Ash ?

    Cheers folks.. seems unanimous !! I didn't realize Fender were stopping using Ash. I was told when I bought it back in the late 70's that the staple pickup was from a 54 Gibson, it sounds excellent
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    Is this Ash ?

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    Is this Ash ?

    Hi folks Would any of you kind people give me your opinion on the kind of wood my 1970 Telecaster is made from ? cheers Wailing
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    How many versions of fhe big muff have you owned?

    Thank you.. Thank you...Thank you... ive been beating myself up for having ‘a few’ Tonebenders ..... I feel a little better now...I’m not on my own
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    bored of my sound

    Could be the Princeton... My pedals sound 'OK' through my Deluxe Reverb.. Put them through my Marshall 18 watt... Heaven :)
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    What's the most amount of money you've spent on gear that you couldn't try out?

    1960 Melody Maker from Belgium (I live in England) ... I paid £2000 and it is ... I’m pleased to say an awesome tone machine. I bought it through Reverb... not sure if they would have helped me out if it was a dud in any way
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    Please tell me why BR Rosewood is so special

    I have a 1960 Melody Maker that has an excellent Brazilian Fretboard, however when comparing it to my 2016 Gibson Junior apart from the aesthetics of age, I wouldn’t say there was a huge difference in feel.

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