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    Ugliest. Paul. EVER!

    Oh boy. I can't wait to see the Chibson version of that.
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    Pronouns For a Guitar...

    I wish to hell my guitars would wake up..........................Oh Wait..........You said woke. Nevermind.
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    10% of US men think they can do this!

    Fight a lion..................... Hell, hold my beer and watch this.
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    Replacement bridge for my Standard 60s

    Picked up an aluminum Nashville from Philadelphia luthier. Works well for me.
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    I Hate Thieves

    I have no time for fucking thieves. I have a small sign posted outside of my shop with a pic of a revolver on it stating there is nothing here worth dying for . Fortunately , I live in an area where I can enforce that.
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    Good to know you have 20 additional pictures .
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    Neighbor’s trees

    Short answer, your trees her problem.
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    Mass shooting in Michigan ...

    My youngest daughter has been clean for 12 years now. Still goes to meetings and uses a support group. In her words " I am an addict and will be one forever " I am very proud of her. I don't think we are winning the war on drugs .
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    Would You Enter This Gibson Giveaway?

    Wow. I got all excited when I read giveaway. However, that is exactly what I would do if I won........................Give it away.
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    I was sorta hoping to see a familiar name or two. Guess I'm showing my age here.
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    So these two idiots start shooting near my house as I was cooking dinner..

    I keep 00 Buck in my shotgun. Seems to persuade the trouble makers they are needed somewhere else.
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    Yay or Nay

    Yes to both. I'm old , not dead. Although the one in red might just kill me.
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    That social media negativity...

    I'm 75 and I don't give a shit what anyone thinks. so there.
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    Dealing with standard tuning

    All of my guitars are in perfect tune. The fact that I'm deaf in one ear and can't hear with the other has nothing to do with it.
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    RIP Munchie

    Sorry man. I feel your pain. We just lost the guy in my avatar to congestive heart disease. he was going on 12 years old and was born in our home. Tough to lose em, friends for life.

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