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    Life can change in an instant for the better or the worse

    last tuesday I went to the hospital because I was having chest and back pain. So a nurse takes blood tests . the doctor comes to see me about 2 hours later and says my heart and lungs were ok (had a chest X-ray) but my white blood cell count was high so does some further checking then...
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    I'm a man of few words.

    I've got nothing to say but it's ok, good morning, good morning, good.
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    Every now and again...

    We only had two channels but my dad had four remote controls, his kids.
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    If you were a dingo, would you

    My boomerang won't come back.
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    Quote that best describes you...

    If 6 turned out to be 9 I don't mind.
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    British Invasion(s), Layla, and other assorted thoughts?

    As far as who steals what from whom I go by steal from everybody admit it to none.
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    1973 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty 750$

    Should I send pp gift? Lol
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    The Impact of Guitar Manufacturing on the Environment

    Trees, cut em all down and make guitars :wow::D, just kidding sorta.
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    Guns N' Roses Featuring Angus Young!

    I stopped buying ACDC recordings after Bonn died.
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    Confessions of a Rehabilitated Cork Sniffer

    Not ashamed to like high end stuff, Gibson fender and my Ric. I love my vintage early to mid 60s fender amps also. I don't look down on anybody's gear.
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    A good steak and a good bottle of wine, not necessarily in that order.
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    they got rid of the one good thing they had...

    I also had had a guy clean my teeth for the first time last week. He did a great job, no complaints here. Turns out he working toward his dentists degree.
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    Life's Little "Uh-Oh" Moments

    Breaking a string just before the solo.
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    What's your number??

    I'll go with 5 because I've played in 3 piece bands most of my life.
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    I've been told I look like Gary Moore. I wish I could play as well as him.

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