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    Which Straplocks?

    Just tried to install some straplocks on my LP Studio right now. I realized that the screw should be shorter than the one provided, which is about the same length as the one on my Studio, because the original one wasn't all the way in. Still I thought it was a good idea to give it a try. Right...
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    official movies that have Les pauls thread

    A double cut, right?
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    Make mine a Vintage Mahogany with Extra Cream

    Looks great! Never seen one like that!
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    We made the top 12 for the Goldtop!

    Nice video!
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    LP Studio: Help me identify the color

    Just got an email from Gibson Europe telling that the Studio in Heritage Cherry Sunburst is available from all Gibson dealers. That's kind of odd since Gibson USA told me that it was no longer available. I'll make some call I see if I can place an order for one. Unfortunately Guitar Center and...
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    LP Studio: Help me identify the color

    Thanks a lot guys. Got it. I was wondering if the difference I saw on the pictures could be related to camera flash or something. Now I got it.
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    LP Studio: Help me identify the color

    Hi! I want to buy a LP Studio in Heritage Cherry Sunburst. I know that Gibson doesn't offer that color any longer but I'm trying to find it in stores that still have it in stock. The problem is that some stores list the model in Faded Maple Top Heritage Cherry Sunburst and some others have it...