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    Hello there!

    Hey, guys! How have you been? It has been a while, hasn’t it? Took a bit of a hiatus, but now hoping to keep myself up to date. See you around the forum!
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    90 Day Fitness Thread: Day 1!

    Tommy, I've had this issue too. Strange. I've had bad breakouts when I was a kid as well and then it cleared up for years. A month or so after starting taking creatine, I've had two or three breakouts every week. And they're bad breakouts. I'm 24.
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    broke my.....

    My neck by the way... Hoping for a speedy recovery.
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    Finally Decided on a Job...

    Exactly, but I need to be able to be comfortable and to love what I do. I'm the type of person who needs to be constantly engaged and interested. It's not just about the money. Part of the deal was that my student loans will be taken care of. :) Wise words to live by! I'm excited...
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    Finally Decided on a Job...

    Thanks, folks! I hope 5 years of school pays off.
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    Finally Decided on a Job...

    So here I am - a semester away from finishing university. I graduate in April 2014. I have a few job offers lined up and the time has come for me to decide which one to go with. When I first started my final year of school, I said to myself, "Hey, whichever offer comes first, I'll take it...
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    NGD: 2003 Gibson Les Paul Studio Plus

    After selling most of my guitars, I just got a new Les Paul to replace my R8 that I was forced to sell. 2003 Gibson Les Paul Studio Plus I like it. :dude: Played great, but I stuck an SD SH-1B in the bridge. I need to change the pots to 500kOhms with 50's wiring. Not a big fan of the current...
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    90 Day Fitness Thread: Day 1!

    Tommy, an honest question, if you may. What's your take on oatmeal? I've recently shifted most about (90 - 95%) of my carbohydrate intake to oatmeal and whole wheat pasta (sometimes). What is your daily recommended intake? Do you also believe in any post-workout food intake?
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    90 Day Fitness Thread: Day 1!

    5'8", 160 lbs, 11% body fat. I went from 272 lbs with about 45% body fat. After eating and cutting clean for more than a year, I'm now entering my clean bulking phase. My lifetime goal? 180 with 7% and retaining that. I'd be happy. After literally breaking my back, that's a goal right there.
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    Looking For: Electronics Equipment

    Hello guys, I hope all is well. I'm currently looking for some electronics equipment to use for school as it's my final (yaaayyy!) year. I know it's a long shot, but if anyone has some of these laying around that aren't getting used and are willing to let go of, please do let me know...
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    Linked In ?!?!?!?

    I wouldn't even bring it up if I haven't done my full research. I've been invited to come in for tours of their facilities. I didn't accept the offer as I wanted to get my degree on my own terms, paying my own dues, and slugging it out like the rest. I'll be joining the workforce April 2014.
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    Linked In ?!?!?!?

    I have received more than a dozen cold offers from HR departments from different companies just by being on LinkedIn and keeping my profile up to date. I didn't even apply and I was offered full-time positions. There were a couple who even offered to pay for school as long as I signed up with...
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    Great News from the Nicky Household! (Re-Racked)

    *Ahem* Can I have her number, Nicky? Kidding! Congratulations!
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    Japan has raised the bar...

    ...on pranks. My apologies if this has already been posted. 일본 공룡몰카 2 - YouTube

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