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    Hated songs by great bands?

    Anything by REM. Am I doing this right?
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    Can’t confirm serial number on Les Paul 2020 slash

    Clearly things have changed since the last time I bought anything from them. Few years ago they were dirt cheap. Doesn't appear to be the case now.
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    Chibsons seized at airport

    Or, maybe, burn "COUNTERFEIT" over the S/N and donate them to institutions that encourage kids to play instruments...
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    Those of you with CNC machines........

    Quick update if anyone cares - the above quote, with all taxes, tariffs, brokerage fees, and transport ~40 miles from the Port of Tampa Bay to my door came out to $15,500.00 and change. That machine is equivalent to a Laguna over 3X the price. And the guy I'm working with is right here in Florida.
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    Dale Earnhardt Les Pauls - My eyes! I can't unsee these!

    lol - I love when people get bent out of shape because an LP isn't a burst or a gold top....
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    Epi Neck/Headstock Break - Repairable?

    Buy it, do the best can on the repair based on the information you've got, and just play it. If it breaks further, well, then fix it again. It's not like an informed attempt at the repair is going to make it markedly worse....
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    Here is my refinshed 2016 Les Paul after 30 days of UV exposure.

    I liked it on the 14th of January. Your "finished product" is a bit far for me. But hey - if you like it who cares. This goes a long way in illustrating the harshness of the original burst tho.
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    I think Les Paul pancake body's are underrated for metal genre.

    Personally I've always found the idea of "genre-specific" guitars kind of comical when it comes to most everything outside jazz - but there's no denying the stigma exists with many. I love that John5 absolutely rips using Teles. He's said numerous times it's the perfect guitar for "whatever"...
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    Those of you with CNC machines........

    Check out Factory Direct CNC - very well made at every level, ready to run out of the box. Like Peter - my issue is sadly getting it into my shop. It's probably going to cost me like $3000.00! Here's a quote I got for a very high-end machine. Vac table, servos, square rails, huge spindle, etc...
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    I thought these were all stolen ...

    lol - glad someone said it....
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    My first BURST to start 2021

    "Blister" top wood is my absolute favorite. Congrats.
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    Preventive inserts for head breakage

    HAHAHAHA - that neck may not have snapped, but I'd bet it wasn't usable in an instrument after this. But that's a pretty great ad...
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    Preventive inserts for head breakage

    lol - I learned the hard way on "milling" CF with blades -vs- abrasives - and I was just dealing with some ultra-thin stuff as a neck shim. And I'd hope everyone here would be well aware, but you absolutely have to have PPE when working the stuff.
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    Gibson style truss rod install

    One thing I've found in numerous threads around "single action" style rods like the classic Gibson style is that they never (obviously) consider engineered-in bow in the neck. This style is, after all, a "compression device" - and I think it's definitely worth noting that, curved or straight...
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    New Guitar (Broken Headstock)

    I have lost one to UPS. It was double-boxed as both UPS and FedEx require of "personal electronics". The seller called UPS and they came and took it away the next day. Got a full refund and was fortunate enough to find another at a similar price. One of the biggest issues I've seen WRT...

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