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    NGD Murphy Lab Dirty Lemon R9 light aged

    I love these "color convos" lolz
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    COVID (Used) Price Madness

    I guess I "sort of" get it for generally decent / mainstream "brand" guitars - but what I find most baffling myself is that suddenly people are paying $800 for shitty plywood Hondos and $400 for a 12 pound Sammick/Greg Bennett 'Strat. Hell - people are paying $500 for Squiers.
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    Why do people say or act like Gibsons are overpriced ??

    I always love threads where people either shit on other countries or herald for American labor like it's some kind of elusive unicorn of awesome. Or both. You're paying for labor. You're paying for perceived market value generated by advertising, and, well, threads like this. Period. You...
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    Flame maple top super strat

    I've bought 4 different bags from Quality VAKuum - if you check the closeouts page you can get crazy deals on bags that are perfect for guitar work. For the "mesh" that will allow air to escape around contours and keep the valve from "starving" I use that cheap black "gutter guard" netting - $5...
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    How well do satin finishes age?

    I don't believe a satin finish will "polish" over time. AFAIK a "true" satin finish comes from a product that specifically has solids in it to prevent gloss. If you have a satin finish that goes glossy you haven't "polished" the satin - what you've done is worn the satin OFF - and are now...
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    What's the deal with LP weight?

    My 2011 weighs 11 pounds - COINCIDENCE?? (yes - it's totally a coincidence)
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    What material is this fretboard?

    If the tech has to sand it at all the smell will tell if it's roasted maple. It will smell like cookies. Love the roasted stuff, it's fickle to work with but it sure looks awesome.
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    Router bits; look at this bad dad..

    Look like a roughing mill.
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    Where to buy a custom set neck.

    I've bought several from this guy and the quality is excellent Edit - the oldest was 6 years ago and to my knowledge it's still in service issue-free.
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    Is “tune once and done” a myth?

    I've seen multiple people that have instruments built by Terry McInturff that swear they've had them go "years" without tuning. His neck constructions follows a pretty strict schedule regarding content and timing (always quatersawn, always given weeks between any machining and gluing...
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    Bye guys, it was fun.

    Holy shit that was epic - how have I never seen that?
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    How do I fix this?

    I don't comment much in the build threads because I don't have a lot to offer (yet) but this was a really great thread. After the repair it's going to look killer.
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    2nd Les Paul build with the Gold Standard Carve Templates (Latin Edition!!)

    Wow - your build is really gorgeous! You scored that wood outside Miami? Any chance you'd PM me the source?
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    Neck-through Les Paul - Another new/old build.

    I'm still not clear what it is that altering the image links from "standard" to secure - I can clearly see in your posts that they images are "http:" - but when I look at the trace on the request they are https - This may be on my client in one of the "security improvements" (no one asked...
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    Neck-through Les Paul - Another new/old build.

    All 3 fail to load for the same reason - invalid certs

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