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    Post Guitars You Built

    Just finished another pugilist model heading to get gigged over the next couple of months Limba body 3 piece roasted maple neck with Madagascan fretboard, hss with split coil and a dan armstrong blender mod 7.6 lbs, love everything about this one.
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    Blonde finish

    This is what I call more blonde, it's just got aged lacquer under the guard is still original
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    Blonde finish

    I'd think about getting a waterside decal then clear coat over it if it's blonde
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    New offset model Daniels pugilist

    Pickguard is staying as I like it and I don't plan on modifying anything else, I want to load a switch and different pickup in the guard I've had more positives than negatives, I'm already nearing finishing another one going out to a pro musician, it'll stand out on stage, I've also built...
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    New offset model Daniels pugilist

    Thanks, this is actually a modified sonic blue because I wanted more baby blue, it's definitely blue BTW. I came to offsets very late but realised how comfortable my jazzmaster is but a smaller set neck version was my goal and it's been quite well received so far Open pore finishes always seem...
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    New offset model Daniels pugilist

    Mojo pickups UK, staple bucker, can't remember what that's under
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    New offset model Daniels pugilist

    It's got lovely clarity with a nice rounded sound, it'll do nice cleans up to a great overdrive tone without the mud
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    New offset model Daniels pugilist

    Thanks I'll have a look at that curve again as I'm making more of them, this has to be very comfortable, lightweight and extremely playable from my point of view and it is, it'll surprise people with what it can do. Here's a more straight on view so you see the shape more
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    New offset model Daniels pugilist

    Thanks it's always difficult staying in a vintage vibe with something new
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    New offset model Daniels pugilist

    Hi I thought I'd see what others think of my new pugilist model, it's all because I loved the jazzmaster I made but I want a LP scale and set neck with a vintage neck carve and in a LP size footprint. I really like it and others that have tried it do, it's definitely not for the...
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    Finishing/spraying question

    If you dial a gun in smaller you have to adjust fluid and fan together until it atomises without big runs
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    Gibson Les Paul Custom vintage Nut Height Spec

    They gradually go up in height lowest being the high E which is probably 10 thou up about 22 thou for a low E, all from the top of the fret, alot depending on playing style and set up I have mine low because I'm not that heavy with picking and playing.
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    Carve top..

    After 10 years of building carved tops I came to the realisation I don't really care how gibson did it in the so called golden years, carry on build looks great. I'll be doing my own carved tops next.
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    Does cheap and expensive guitars have huge differences on WOOD grade?

    It's one of my favourite woods for the obvious type builds but if I want lightweight nothing beats this obeche stuff, sounds great too. I'll be using alot more of it and I can get it roasted so it gets a darker look sort of like a mahogany. My friend is using more paulownia and capping it...
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    London Luthiers

    I went to Merton college for musical instrument making, I learned how to make acoustics first, highly recommended. There's no way I'd pay crimson money, I'd never of done it.

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