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    NGD: JB 335

    Thanks brother! I’m getting there!

    NGD: JB 335

    Yeah I was in ER hooked up to a morphine drip this week. Worse is they have no clue what the issue is. BTW first time experiencing that stuff. Horrible! The 59 is the first thing I’m going to plug in as soon as possible just to cheer my fingers up! We’re gonna be ok so just keep the positive...

    NGD: JB 335

    Thanks Spirit. My health has been bad lately and I hoped this would pickup my spirits..much like you do my good friend. All you guys are very dear to me I want to say. Very much.

    NGD: JB 335

    Oh no sir! That’s my forever guitar. Just some of my vintage pedals and the money I had in my guitar fund! Dealer discount and it worked out. This’ll be a case queen, something I rarely do but it needs to remain OG.

    NGD: JB 335

    Well I traded a few things in and was able to pick this up. Same design as the Japanese Elitist series in terms of construction. Very nice.

    The worst quality control I have ever seen. Epiphone Gold Glory.

    I suspect in Feb with the lockdown occurring the shop was running at less than stellar.

    Epiphone Price DECREASE?!?

    The SG with the BBs are now down to $550 here.

    Lumpys Tone Shop

    Thread resurrection here. Got my Series 7 after a four year email campaign this past May from the date I paid in full. It’s a fantastic pedal, truly a keeper, but beware buying directly. 2nd hand market and don’t hesitate if you’re looking for one. Good luck!

    Do everything humbucker suggestions

    Yeah I never got the cats who insisted on 5 ft of lead wire or the pickups are “ruined”… That pickup is good to go!
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    Who else likes heavier guitars?

    Guitars no, women surprisingly yes, but just the chest area. Weird…
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    Do everything humbucker suggestions

    Agreed. Curious what set did you take out?
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    Do everything humbucker suggestions

    The current epiphone pickups are solid. Since most folks replace them just out of reflex they can be found for a song on Reverb.
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    NGD: 40th Anniversary Squire Telecaster

    Thanks! Good weight on her so she is a keeper. This is her from the dealer picture with the weight coming out to 8.157 pounds.
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    NGD: 40th Anniversary Squire Telecaster

    Got this today and initial thoughts are it’s really a great Tele. Only gripe is the neck pickup is not up to snuff.
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    NGD!! 50s Les Paul!

    Do you have a picture of the back? I’m very intrigued by the Epi 50s and wonder about the back veneer.

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