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    Your Effects Pedalboard !!! Pics !!!

    How do you like the drop tune? I’ve been using a friends whammy from detuning and it seems good to about a half a tone - to a full tone, after that it starts to sound very processed.
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    Show your 90s Gibson Les Pauls

    ‘95 Standard Plus, found it still sealed in the box in the basement of House of Guitars when I worked there in the early 2000’s. Still has the original strings and hang tags on it. Left it at my folks house when I joined the military. Plan on pulling it out and using it when I retire in 2021.
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    NGD: 2018 Classic Les Paul Pelham Blue

    Man just tried to grab one they won’t ship to FPO address
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    90's LP Studios - gigbag or brown case?

    I sold 100s of studios in the 90s working at a Guitar Shop. They all came shipped from the factory with the brown and pink hard case.
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    Purpose of capacitors in effects loop pedal

    Thanks, I’ll probably pull them out then.
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    Purpose of capacitors in effects loop pedal

    Bought one of the cheap Chinese loop pedals. Can anyone explain what the capacitors do in this circuit? Sorry for the crappy cell phone screen shot. The pedal did not come with any instructions.
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    Wtb:Edwards 335 style semi hollow

    I live in Okinawa if you want I can keep an eye out for you.
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    Tone shifting on amp, bad power tube?

    Thanks, I’ll get some preamp tubes, and see if I can find anyone on this island bias the power tubes. I really like the amp, I remember playing one in the store when they were new, but I was 12 and mowing lawns wasn’t buying me a Marshall stack.
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    Tone shifting on amp, bad power tube?

    Not sure if this is the right sub forum, but I am having an issue with a Marshall head. While playing after 20 or 30 minutes the high end will drop out of the signal for a few seconds then come back in. Almost as if someone roled off the treble knob for a few seconds and then turned it back...
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    show your sticker guitar

    -Charvel Model 2 I bought for $50 in the late 90’s and a case or so worth of Budweiser millennium beer bottle caps. -‘93 Gibson V bought new.
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    Ammo Can Amp

    Headphones and MP3/line in.
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    Ammo Can Amp

    They came from the amp I stole the speaker from.
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    Ammo Can Amp

    Threw this together the other day, going to use it with my cigar box slide guitar. Amp circuit board came from eBay and the speaker and hardware off a $10 pawn shop amp. Runs off a 9volt battery or adapter. Sound is surprisingly good, I’ll ll have to try and upload a video later
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    Continued construction and deconstruction of a les Paul studio

    Decided to go less drastic in the changes. Played a couple shows with it now and it’s turned into a nice reliable rock machine.
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    Show your Les Paul Studio, Tribute, Special, ...

    Stripped 90’s studio on the left, 2017 tribute on the right. Swapped plastics once I stripped the studio, EMG’s, Sperzel tuners, bubinga control cavity covers, and recontured the neck on the studio to a slim taper to match the tribute. They are my primary and back up guitars.