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    Asteroid cravers, Apophos may give you your wish in 2068 after all.

    It's just an asteroid, can't they just cut it out?
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    NAD 1.2 Pounds Whoohoooo

    'nother vote for guac.
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    Lou Pallo, RIP

    I'd take 86. RIP amici mio.
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    Scratchy Fretboard on new LP

    StewMac Fretboard Micro-Smoothing Tool ...
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    Famous songs featuring the neck P90

    Delaney & Bonnie, Only You Know And I Know. Looks like a '56 GT.
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    Tendonitis/lower arm pain - suggestions

    Can I get that without a prescription?
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    Used R8 with P90s from Guitar Center?

    Never heard of a P90 R8. BTW, welcome aboard.
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    Why no 60th Anniversary '58 Reissues

    Least popular of the Big 3 Bursts, don't have the flash of '59s like the crazy tops.
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    Tendonitis/lower arm pain - suggestions

    I've had it before and I know it sucks. A tendonitis elbow brace may be helpful, available at just about any drug store.
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    SUV's targeted in 'Weight Tax'

    Seems like they're trying to tare us apart.
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    This would make most good musicians cry

    Saw that. So many great players, mostly big jazz names. Fun to sing to the backing track.
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    I dare you not to smile.........

    That was good. :thumb:
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    The people dilemma NSFW

    Smart ass! :lol:
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    Joe Perry in motorcycle accident

    That's what he gets for hiding his toys in the attic.

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