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    IT'S FRIDAY, SNEECHES. You know what time it is?

    I don't know what you do for a living, but you missed your calling as a stand-up comic. The boy is GOOD!
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    Do you feed your dog...

    @Deftone, if the Screaming Eagles ever redesigned their shoulder patch, that there puppy of yours would be a shoe-in.
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    Do you feed your dog...

    The white & brown looks a little like my Remi.
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    Mexican country music

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    Do you feed your dog...

    Of course. When Remi (1/2 Pitbull, 1/2 American Bulldog) used to make with those lamps when I would come home from work, or especially if I was BBQ'g steak, I couldn't say no. One of her favorite treats was Triscuts with a little peanut butter. She only snacked human food, but her two main...
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    What are you doing tonight?

    Memorizing the lyrics to "I'm Beginning To See The Light" then playing and singing it in 4 flats. . . . . Whew!!!!!
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    I'm gonna plant me a steak garden!

    When they can grow white tail bucks and does, then maybe I'll give it a try.
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    Sorry for being an idiot last week.

    No sweat bro. Why if I had a nickel for every misstep I've made I'd … have about tree fiddy.
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    Dear "news" networks.......

    Love their FN-made CFH barrels. Shoot straight as a laser. Weinstein ... Epstein, am I detecting a pattern? Is Weinstein going to off himself in his cell too?
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    Horror-show lunacy

    Hell, it was better in the 70's, Breeze. Koch was a way better mayor than this jerkweed. If someone committed those crimes here, my judge would slap a huge sphincter-stretching bail on them that they'd never forget.
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    Joey Kramer sues Aerosmith

    Ah, those were the good old days.
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    Any certified pilots here?

    I have my private ticket (not current). The biggest thing you'll need to get your license is a lot of money. These set-price packages are not entirely accurate: you pay for a set amount of hours and if you exceed that then you're paying additional for your plane rental and instruction fees...
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    Dear "news" networks.......

    That reminds me, I need to buy another 1k rounds of IMI 62 gr. 5.56 and a 20" AR15 kit from Palmetto State Armory.
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    New Band Names

    Free Beer. (That oughta draw 'em in off the streets when they read the marquis) Hannibal's Lectern I'm Vegan Five Man Transsexual Band The Beach Non-Binaries Great Toe Beano

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