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    car or truck?

    I have a 2019 Tacoma TRD off road and I love it. Rear lockers, crawl control, double cab, black on black.
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    Yes, but not every song. I also don't like current country cliches with 4x4s, beer, country girls, boots, blah ba fucking blah. There is one common part of the video links, though..... They all feature musicians.
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    I find the great majority of it to be a disgraceful celebration of ignorance. Pussy, weed, hoes, blah ba fucking blah. Not that I don't enjoy those things it's ran its course. It is also a shame as black music has always been America's best music. Jazz, blues, soul, funk, and then this shit...
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    Fat Groupie

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    Fat Groupie

    Mo cushion fo da pushin'. Warmth in the winter and shade in the summer. Plenty of food because she is just as hungry as you.
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    Just joined from Kentucky

    Oh yeah, if you are. Louisville fan just leave now.
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    Just joined from Kentucky

    Welcome from Paducah, Ky myself.
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    Legs, a Flying V and Paris.

    She definitely got diva'd up since the beginnings, but she can still sing. And oh yes, I would hit it like Joe Damagio.
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    I think I've been adopted.....

    My grandmother had a Dobie named Prince who always watched out for us as kids. That really brought back memories. No one would come near us when he was around.
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    The end of hook ups and one night stands

    "Whiskey don't make you do nothin' it just lets you." Women without whiskey by Drive By Truckers
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    I Am Patrick Swayze

    It's ok. Not nearly as gay as the guy who cried watching Ghost.
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    Post something that made you happy today.

    Just met my son's 1st grade teacher. A young deadhead chick with an ass that looks like you could take a fork and pull a tender bite right off of it.
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    Things you misheard for years...'scuse me while I kiss this guy

    Or bad Mexican. Yo love is like bad Mexican.
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    My Response to the Firebird X destruction video

    I would highly suggest playing the guitar first. Thanks for making my point for me though. It sounds like maybe those guitars should have been smashed too. I currently have 14 different Gibsons that are flawless examples of guitar glory. I've actually never owned a bad one. Maybe the rock...
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    Just another day, another 20 people executed..

    Bullshit. Does the mall allow guns? Or is it a gun free zone? Were there any gun owners there and carrying? Was a gun owner afraid to take a shot at the guy for fear of litigation? Too many questions remain for your assessment. As someone who has as a civilian been that good guy with a gun...