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    Our riding mower has fallen apart.

    You can spend a shit ton of money. Before you buy I would evaluate your needs. I almost went zero turn and dropped about 5k, then I thought damn I've been using a 30 inch snapper for years. Most tractor styles are made by the same companies with a different name on the side. I ended up with...
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    Modern, Guitar Driven, Danceable Rock Songs?

    My old band used to cover super massive black hole by muse. The ladies in the crowd would get to moving nastily to that one. I swear it turned them all into strippers.
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    Entertainment & Comedy news

    Fuckem both, but I do love dem titties!
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    What’s on your Saturday morning playlist?

    The Subdudes "Live at the Ram's Head."
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    The Selfie Stick

    I know that Asian tourists seem to really like them still. Other than that I haven't seen anyone use one in a few years. I've never taken a selfie. I suppose I'll just have to remember where and what I have done. Try it. You can dress better, be thinner, and even appear happier in your mind.
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    If you've never seen/been to ................ you really should

    Damned drug tests at work! I guess I'll be making a trip to Utah next summer. My 6 year old is dying to go to Moab after seeing my pictures from there. Not to mention his love of dinosaurs. Nothing compares to Utah for me anyway, you are a lucky guy even if you are a dick.
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    If you've never seen/been to ................ you really should

    That's the feeling that I got from most all locals there. It was as unfriendly as Detroit. As a southerner I don't get it. Why does everyone want to be an asshole all of the time?
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    If you've never seen/been to ................ you really should

    I really love the national parks in Utah. Canyonlands, zion,Bryce Canyon, Arches, and Escalante. Yellowstone is also great. I just visited there for the first time last month.
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    My kitchen has been invaded by ants AGAIN..I had to tell em...

    Mint. Fresh mint. Plant it around the foundation. Take some leaves and crush them up and spread them on the counters. They will leave.
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    If you could see 2 of your favorites in 1 week...

    I saw the grateful dead on a Friday then the allmans on a Sunday once.
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    do you have a long weekend?

    So true. I'm very conservative, however I'm also an elected union official. I just feel for those who work holidays as I do, but without proper compensation. I make double time and a half on holidays and straight time on the holidays that I am scheduled off. I work them all even Christmas...
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    do you have a long weekend?

    And people say that unions have outlived their usefulness.
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    Advice for bipolar?

    I hope the best for you. I recently started smoking hemp flowers high in cbd and no thc. It is an instant relief and really helps me with anxiety, sleep, and just plain cools me out. Like pot without the paranoia, dirty piss, etc... Cbd can be found in many forms, I just like the taste.
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    Taylor Swift screwed!

    Maybe she should just shake it off.
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    Too hot to ship a guitar?

    I worry more about cold weather than hot. A 0 degree truck into a 70 degree house is a much larger swing than a 100 degree truck to a 70 degree house.