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    What is The Most Expensive Guitar You Own?

    2017 CS Explorer...
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    Thomann "blow out"

    Have to admit, I'm tempted by one of the 2016 HP Trads. Cracking guitars.
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    Incoming new 2019's Flying V and Explorer

    I'll be all over the white Explorer.
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    Lee Roy Parnell 59 Les Paul Standard

    Definitely an acquired taste....but....I wouldn't kick this one out of bed:
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    NGD - Friedman Cali

    Congrats Rez - nice vid. What's upper fret access like on the Cali?
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    Pink Taco, JJ Jr, or Runt 20?

    JJ Jr arriving Monday...missus is away too, so 'wife not home' volume and a chance at trying to stealth it into my rig. "Is that new?". "No love, had that ages". :dude:
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    Pink Taco, JJ Jr, or Runt 20?

    I paid the deposit on a pre-order for the JJ Jr today...all being well I've made the next allocation and this bad boy will be with me some time in September.
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    NGD: 2019 Royal Tea Burst

    Pure filth. There should be a NSFW warning in the thread title.
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    NGD: 2019 Royal Tea Burst

    Wow. Congrats.
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    NGD: 2019 Blueberry Burst Standard

    Sweet. Congrats and welcome to the Blueberry club.
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    NGD - 2019 Les Paul Standard Blueberry Burst

    Killer! Congrats.
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    Your favorite "other" Gibson?

    Well hello beautiful.
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    Who has the Blues: Post em

    My '17 BB Standard is still my go-to gal...

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