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    Please Delete

    I'm pretty sure he edited the price in the post because I recall seeing this when it was first posted and was considering if I should buy it.
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    School me on "metal guitars"

    I don't know much about them, they are also a high end boutique brand like Suhr etc. Based in Poland apparently.
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    Two Notes Le Crunch Pedal

    I have never used them myself, but some time ago, when I got the Torpedo Captor and CAB M, which are great products, I also checked out the Le Crunch etc pedals - just reading and watching reviews - and the impression I got was that they were not as good as their cab emulation products.
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    School me on "metal guitars"

    That's Mayones
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    I hope I'm in the right forum.

    Do you realize Stewmac will charge you more for shipping than the screws? And your bridge is already bent with age. Might as well buy a new bridge.
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    harsh playback through focus rite 2i2

    Take a look at this video. The cabinet that comes after the amp is the Impulse Response.
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    harsh playback through focus rite 2i2

    I don't know anything about computer plugins, but... is cabinet impulse response active?
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    School me on "metal guitars"

    Caparison is built by the company that used to build MIJ Jackson guitars. TAT is their neck-through model. The bolt-on model is Horus and they all have the clock-face fret inlays.
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    School me on "metal guitars"

    That's a USA Charvel San Dimas. Here's one that I have been watching on Reverb The USA and MIJ Charvels have top-mounted Floyd. The USA has pickup rings for humbuckers, while MIJ and Mexico has humbuckers directly...
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    School me on "metal guitars"

    Have you checked out the Dustie Waring CE 24 Floyd?
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    Necks; set vs bolt vs neck through.

    Being bolt-on or set-neck does not determine high fret accessibility, as long as it has suitably carved heel and cutaway:
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    NGD - Dark Knight

    HNGD! I know the neck is asymmetric, but is it 50s thick asymmetric or 60s slim asymmetric?
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    Trad Pro price

    That's for the Gloss Flame Top model. There's also a Satin model for $1899, see: My recommendation - get the Les Paul Classic 2019 instead.
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    Please delete

    Very nice red!
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    PSA GC Daily Pick G&L Tribute ASAT Classic White for $300

    I just ordered one to check out.