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    Gibson's next legal target - Collings Guitar They are trying to stop Collings guitar from using their headstock shape.
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    Your dream Fender CS guitar(s)?

    The exact guitar that you described does exist! Squier Classic Vibe '50s Stratocaster Electric Guitar in White Blonde
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    Putting a boost in an effects loop?

    Yes it is true. A boost into the front of your amp acts similar to overdrive. It makes your tone thicker and more compressed, but not louder in volume. A boost in the effects loop will make your volume louder.
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    Ever see a wrap like this before?

    If it is what they say it is, it originally had a trapeze bridge and P-90s.
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    Looking into getting an SG's, what years to avoid?

    Small pickguard if you are after Iommi tone!
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    Advice on Cracked Marshall DSL40CR Purchase- Poll

    Look in your local market - facebook, craigslist or local GC, you should be able to get a DSL40C used for around $350.
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    DAMN! The first one always hurts!!!!

    Welcome! Cool username :lol:
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    Roswell Pickups - any experience?

    They are used in a number of Harley Benton guitars sold by Thomann. You can see some reviews here:
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    WARNING! D&A guitar stand causing scratches on Gibson Les Paul Headstocks! (D&A Stand model Starfish Active)

    Never heard of this brand before. I only trust my Les Pauls with Hercules stands.
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    Yngwie Bashes Ibanez Guitars

    The ink wouldn't stick to the chrome anyway!
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    Good Bad and Ugly

    Keep the LPJ.
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    New LP Traditional or Trad Pro?

    The current crop of Traditional Pro V has asymmetrical neck. You can see the specs of all Traditional * models at
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    A simple question

    I once left my Les Paul case lying flat on the bedroom floor unlatched. Walked past it barefoot and the latch cut my little toe open. Never again!
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    Im a strat guy on a lp forum

    Or maybe because the LP forum is also one of the best [insert your favorite guitar brand] forum!
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    What price range is "lowball" territory for a Gibson Les Paul Custom which isnt a typical Custom (Black Beauty, Alpine White, Wine Red, etc)?

    As a buyer you don't need to be concerned about lowball price. Let the seller deal with that. What's the worst case that can happen? He refuses or totally ignores your offer, and you buy it at his listed price. Or, he could counter-offer you with a price in the middle. Also don't forget to...

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