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    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    Black walnut costs quite a bit where I’m at...about double what African mahogany costs. Maybe that’s normal, but if I had a big stash of walnut (and cherry and maple) like that I’d be in hog heaven!
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    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    I think you may become my wood supplier soon! :laugh2:
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    How much better would I sound with a Gibson? Plus Another brick solo

    Wait you already have the Epi? No sense spending $2k on a guitar that will do the same things and sound nearly the same, in my opinion. Even though most Epi models use a maple veneer instead of a solid cap, the rest of the wood they use is good wood. A Gibson won't be that much of an...
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    Neck Through SG

    Thanks! After looking at a bunch of different SGs, I found that there are basically two main pickguard styles...this one and a smaller one that only covers the lower portion of the guitar. This one covers more and I like the look better than the other. So, unfortunately I can't claim the...
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    Neck Through SG

    I have guitar ADD...I can't stay on any one project for very long, and I bounce around between guitar projects and several others at the same time. Which means I don't make much progress :laugh2: Today I had the day off, so I cut the pickguard out for the SG. For whatever reason, I didn't...
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    Anyone willing to route me 2 to 4 custom fret boards and pickup rings?

    Where are you located? If you're in the USA and Southern California isn't too far for you, send me a PM.
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    Now I wanna build one!

    I’d say try to get on with the tools you have and see if you really enjoy building guitars and working with wood in general before you spend a bunch of money on tools you may or may not ever use again. You’ll probably need to buy a few new tools to accomplish certain tasks but that investment...
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    Broken headstock. What would you do?

    Off topic a little bit, but how did the body do with the fall? Any damage?
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    Now I wanna build one!

    What tools do you have or are available to you?
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    First Attempt at a Les Paul..

    The neck crack looks great! I 100% agree with your logic...if a skunk stripe holds, why not a small crack that can be glued back together? Looking forward to seeing how it all comes out...its motivating me to get back on the wagon with my first LP build.
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    First Attempt at a Les Paul..

    I’m with you on this one...why not see if you can fix it first? As your title states, it’s your first attempt at a Les Paul. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read posts from people saying how you’ll never make a perfect les Paul on the first try so chalk it up to “first build” and try to fix...
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    Neck Day - Vintage LP style

    Those look awesome! Nice work!
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    First Two Guitar Builds, 5 Years Later

    The dye job on the guitar looks great!! So does the dye job on the bench! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done sometimes the lids leak when they are closed and they tip over and slowly dye everything on the workbench :mad:
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    Neck Through SG

    To cut the truss rod slot, I had to get the guitar back on the machine, but raised up a couple of inches to allow for the headstock angle. I head some scraps thick enough, so I screwed them over the existing indexing holes and ran the indexing hole operation on the blocks, and then mounted the...
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    Headstock inlays

    Are you in the USA? If yes, I use CNC a’re welcome to send me a message.