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    Show Your Telecasters!!!

    liar Esquire w/ stealth p90 in tru-oil Fabric top paisley with black gold metallic Burst Set neck thinline Esquire w/hot liverpool Crystal gemtop paisley (approx 12,500 pcs.) near completion
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    "Art" guitar in progress

    After reviewing dozens of name suggestions, one of the best was "Pink AF", another "Floyd Pink"... and I liked "Spanky-Panky" too. Today had this thing getting some sun -or rather Ultraviolet light ... beaded on more of that clear UV resin stuff around the outside edge of the gems, and one...
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    New CCR doc on Netflix!

    The doc didn't really live up to the band IMO. Fogerties RAH performances were electric
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    Craziest top thread.

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    "Art" guitar in progress

    Today I am so jazzed! I think I invented a new stain/dye colour, for my tele project. But what to name it? It's like salmon, but orangy-pink-red - pretty dang hot, actually Got any suggestions brothers? I think it has to be a sexy name in some way, actually... Throw 'em out!
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    PSA padded strap

    A demonstration, since it's timely. My project last night and today was to take two of those shoulder-pounding starter pack straps and convert them to 'big boy' straps, with leather. This fella wanted to stay under 2.5" wide - Normally I do 3" . Of course a skinnier footprint compromises the...
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    PSA padded strap

    I Pm'd you red - thank you for looking deeper, I appreciate that. Enjoy the comfort you have been able to find, and I wish you many more years of happy Les Paul-ing!
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    PSA padded strap

    @TheX Is that the one with the gentle curve? OK, I looked it up... it is. The problem is it would use nearly double the amount leather than others made, unless that's the only style a builder makes, otherwise most of it ends up waste/scrap. Can it be done? yes. Cost effective? PM me if you...
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    PSA padded strap

    OK, kind sir, I'm in the strap biz myself 12 years. From day one specializing in ultimate comfort without looking poofy, wookie utility belt/orthopaedic or "old dude at the jamboree" silly. Over the years I've seen fellas a number of janky things to get comfortable while so very often...
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    PSA padded strap

    But does it look like you have a dang seat belt pad on your strap? So many get uptight about getting the right knobs the right plastics, the sexy top, then they go and do something like put whitewalls on your GTO. Maybe do this if you stay in your basement/bedroom.
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    "Art" guitar in progress

    In case anyone was watching and remains interested, got a couple of pics back from owner Mark Fitment wasn't perfect/perfect but not in any way enough to call SWAT Team Look back against the paisley thing he had on this tele seen earlier in this thread, I think this has a superior vibe. He...
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    "Art" guitar in progress

    Quick update... brush in the dark goop with a toothbrush, wait a few beats, wipe off like mad to preserve the burst. As expected, it really darkened the edges and popped the sunflowers nice. Antiqueing turned the red leaves a bit more on the side of First Nations red, but overall I think this...
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    "Art" guitar in progress

    Not for any of my guitar but somebody else's, and I sure hope they dig it! carve me out some strange lookin' but somehow real familiar shape out of dead cow Cut some flowery shapes in it, then whack it a few thousand times times with some sharp little tools and such See if we can't get...
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    Bushido neck-through-body Les Paul.

    When you have the knowledge and sense how much more beautiful these things regularly look in person, rather than photos on the internet, you can know the "Wow" factor is significant on the craftsmanship on that instrument. I mean photo number 2 is just so killer. Honor to work with you...
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    Let's See Your Multi-Guitar Display / Storage Solutions

    @cooljuk Here's the making of pics... from January 2011. These they show it better than any current cave pics when it's all loaded up - this was inspired by the old gun racks you used to see in homes back in the olden times before we had to keep everything hidden and locked up #1 the cutting...

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