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    "Art" guitar in progress

    It's been a couple years since I took on a major guitar project. Saw one in progress by another dude on a forum last night, couldn't stop thinking starting another for myself. The virus got me, Had no shortage of ideas floating around in my head for my next just been a little to busy trying to...
  2. deep purple.jpg

    deep purple.jpg

    graple on black leather
  3. ace of spades-2.jpg

    ace of spades-2.jpg

    You're not badass enough to wear this. Nor is your guitar.
  4. zircon.jpg


    Glitters like the eye of a crocodile watching a bad swimmer
  5. Triple damn 2.jpg

    Triple damn 2.jpg

    Saugerties, alternate laid-back version on grey leather
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    AC/DC is the Greatest Rock and Roll Band Ever

    I wonder comparatively how many were inspired to pick up a guitar by bands mentioned in this thread. Me, it was at least 66% AC/DC
  7. sIVKtrNQ_o(1).jpg


    Beaded Groove Power strap
  8. cVmn76ON_o.jpg


    No Prisoners by Well-Hung
  9. esAxkwcq_o.jpg


    House Stark
  10. gb9wArCM_o.jpg


    Paisley 1969 Series
  11. jrmz0UWU_o.jpg


    Jabberwock by Well-Hung
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    Please rate my simple mix

    @Rocco Crocco Did you ever do anything with this? I'd like it for a music bed for a little video I'm making if you would allow me to use it royalty free. I like to see if I can use stuff that people start, but often never finish, then it sits hidden away in the hard drive never to see the...
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    Post an original song you wrote!

    a little social commentary for your Tuesday pleasure
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    Upward-thrusting buildings ejaculating into the sky’

    just recently worked out "Pay No Mind" by Beck. There's a great couple lines in the second verse about "Sales climb(ing) higher, like a giant dildo crushing the sun" I sing it with relish.

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