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  1. rose and cross done1.jpg

    rose and cross done1.jpg

    Custom order hand tooled/carved guitar strap
  2. back2.jpg


    Starry night guitar strap... back
  3. upper front + shoulder2.jpg

    upper front + shoulder2.jpg

    Starry night guitar strap frontside
  4. dead mans hand.jpg

    dead mans hand.jpg

    Hand tooled /.dyed guitar strap
  5. matching strap for ab.jpg

    matching strap for ab.jpg

    Challenge to match a burst with an Ace of Spades strap
  6. GENOCIDE 2021.jpg

    GENOCIDE 2021.jpg

  7. genocide midas2.jpg

    genocide midas2.jpg

  8. sunflower on 335.jpg

    sunflower on 335.jpg

  9. TVvoodoo

    question about dying/staining maple cap

    That is out of this world. Love the thin burst
  10. TVvoodoo

    What's on YOUR workbench right now?

    Get nice response when I show, try not to post too much. Figured this would be appreciated by local burstologists
  11. TVvoodoo

    Politically incorrect custom guitars/gear

    This dime store jem Job I did triggered some virtue warriors pretty good This brand reads as "Rocking Sixty-nine" was a registered working brand with cattle authorities in my uncle Duke's name... dunno if it's politically incorrect or just rather juvie Someone claimed this dremel finish...
  12. Python King.jpg

    Python King.jpg

    Funny story behind this one, creative disaster becomes surprise win!
  13. bohomojo2.jpg


    Paisley guitar strap by Well-Hung
  14. TVvoodoo

    PSA: Schaller S-Locks' felt washer might leave permanent maks in the lacquer

    WRTT washers could be synthetic felt material with plasticizers in them that react with the nitro. Look for real fur felt washers with buttons if you can get 'em, that's what I supply. Though I suspect this is a fading practice, industry etc. I actually make my own washers punched out of a few...
  15. TVvoodoo

    String preference?

    Love 'em

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