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    (Updated) Another NGD! 2022 Classic!

    Very nice, congrats!! I still can't decide whether to put covers on mine or not - partly for aesthetics and partly to take the edge off the pups. You're not helping with my decision! :hmm:
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    New Classic-markings in truss rod route.

    Yep, that's the conversion :yesway: I was paying most attention to Post 13 in that thread since it looks the most scientific (but since I'm crap at Maths, it could actually be nonsense :cheers2: )
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    Classic on FBMP in Corona, NY

    Jesus :oops:
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    Gibson price increase Canada L&M

    Wonder whether it was a glitch? I'm not in the market, but both sites show $2,499 right now :hmm:
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    Anyone recognise this Classic Antique? I want it back!

    Damn, that's gorgeous! It may be a long shot, but hope you're able to find this beauty again. Do you remember whether it was a fairly local (or at least national) sale? Have you got a record of the s/n? As I say, it's obviously a long shot but might be a good starting point. Good luck!
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    Change Color of Humbucker Bobbin?

    You could try something like Bobbin Toppers (Jockomo also makes them). They're like Band Aid material that you just peel & stick onto the bobbins. They're not bad from a distance, but you can tell what they are when you're close enough to play the guitar. If nothing else it's a cheap way of...
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    omg that's stunning! Congratulations!!
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    (Now NGD) Thoughts on this Les Paul Classic? Very unusual top.

    That's just stunning! And I'm with @pondcaster, I'd seriously consider covering both pups. Or at least give it a try and share the pics here. Either way, that's gorgeous, congratulations. Oh and kudos on the great photography, too :cool:
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    NGD Les Paul Classic 2019

    Oh that's gorgeous! I know it's 2 years since you bought yours, but you got a beauty there. Have you done any mods at since buying her, even just cosmetic? I'm in love with mine, too. I do keep second-guessing whether I should have bought a 50's or 60's, partly because I like lower...
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    NGD: Gibson Les Paul 2008 Slash Goldtop

    That's gorgeous, congrats!!
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    New Classic-markings in truss rod route.

    They've got 9 hole weight relief, but when you consider the size & depth of the holes, they're not removing a hell of a lot of wood. EDIT: In fact, there were some serious-looking calculations on this very site back in 2013. Whether they're real or not I have no idea, but they came out as only...
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    New Classic-markings in truss rod route.

    1. Congrats on an absolute beauty! That looks amazing with the covered pups - are they just covers or new pickups? 2. My '22 is about 9.8lb. I think most of them are in that ballpark 3. There's nothing like that in my truss rod cavity. I'm thinking yours has some sort of witchcraft marking :p
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    [NGD] 2022 Classic honeyburst

    Thanks for the tag & update. That just reaffirms it, you got an absolute beauty there. Congrats again!
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    When customization goes hilariously wrong.

    Wait... is that a Compton bridge as a tailpiece? :oops: I want to ask 'why' but that ignores the 'whys' about every other part of this. This guitar is the reason why releasing patients into the community isn't always a good thing.

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