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    MIJ Epiphone Pickups

    There were a few different MIJ models, the early ones were just unbranded Gotoh pickups. Think the Elitists had 50SR and 60ST pickups can't remember offhand what the Elites and LQ series had think some had the Gibson 498/490 pair
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    Most expensive MIJ you own

    My most expensive is still my 57B Orville which I picked up for 54,000 yen about 10 years ago when MIJ's were still reasonable prices.
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    Norlin Era MIJ Les Pauls

    My 84 Greco John Sykes JS55 model, weighs a ton like the Norlins too.
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    Truss rod problem

    Probably got bent up when someones tried to adjust it in the past with an oversize wrench/socket. It'll still be straight in the truss rod slot and unlikely to break, so as long as the threads are still ok and it tightens I wouldn't worry.
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    Let's take a look what's under the black thick poly of MIJ LPC-80

    K, mine was that thickness all over, not much more than some nitro finishes. Had about 5 MIJ epi's and all been the same, when it comes to thick finishes I always for the MIJ Burny's thick
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    Let's take a look what's under the black thick poly of MIJ LPC-80

    I did the same to a cheap LPC90 I bought, surprised you thought it was thick.
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    New Epi Headstocks...... opinions

    Looks better than the clipped ear one but now looks like the early Chibsons :)
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    Finish on MIJ LPC-80?

    I've had a few and they're a very thin poly finish other than the LQ series and even those might be acrylic lacquer rather than the nitrocellulose laquer you're possibly after.
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    New Epiphone OR Used Gibson?

    Guess it's a bit like the old adage of buying the worst house in the best street because you can always do it up, at the end of the day you can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear, go for the Gibson.
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    Orville Les Paul Custom with 25 inch scale (??)

    Might be worth considering another guitar to mod if you're gonna replace the fretboard and refinish to a vintage tabacco burst. That won't come cheap if you're paying for it and a lot of effort if your're doing it yourself. Those K Orvilles were the bottom of the range but the Wine reds still...
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    Orville Les Paul Custom with 25 inch scale (??)

    It'l be one of the earlier Terada made Orvilles , they had a sticker serial and the hex key truss rod, some even had scarf necked joints as tey were the cheaper end of the Orvilles. Know what you ean about the thick poly , I always feel the same about soe of the Burny's I've had, all the OBG's...
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    Orville Les Paul Custom with 25 inch scale (??)

    I always thought that the Terada Orville did a really good wine red, but maybe that's just from the photos as I haven't seen one in real life yet. Is it one of the early Terada Orvilles?
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    Very Dirty Burny

    Always good to see write offs given a new lease of life, be sure to post it when it's finished.
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    Looking for Japanese LPC Advice

    What did you go for in the end? Edit: Just saw you webt for the Tokai, nice choice.
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    Show us your 90's made Korean Les Pauls!!!!!!

    Limited to how many they'll sell probably :)

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