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    What's your favorite movie gun?

    The Good Samaritan from Hellboy is up there for me.
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    What's your favorite movie gun?

    That's Cleef's 1858 percussion. ;)
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    Should I get this Epiphone Amos refinished?

    No. Does it make the guitar unplayable? Is it not fun? Do you pick it up and spend innumerable hours looking at the crack lamenting that it is not perfect? Keep it if it sounds good. Otherwise dump it. You’re going to die someday. Enjoy it or move on.
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    Stanley Kubrick Films

    He also had panavision re-engineer their cameras so that he could push the lens closer to the film plane, further reducing the light loss of a traditional lens. So he was able to further increase the T stop and shoot in lower light. I’ve seen the lenses he used. Kubrick was insistent on owning...
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    This seems like overkill.

    Excellent follow through, poor execution.
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    What do you do?

    Install a fiddle knob on your amp or PA. You know. A knob that does nothing. Turn that down and give them a thumbs up.
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    Halloween Kills

    Gonna be great. As long as it’s fun and you enjoy it, may he never die.
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    You know that feeling when something hurts you so bad your balls suck up into your groin? Got that reading this thread.
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    Planet of the Apes

    Imagine if the apes had the new 2021 Ford F-150 Turbo Diesel with up to 12,000lbs Towing capacity, 440lb-ft torque, and estimated combined 22mpg fuel efficiency.
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    Disney is becoming unreachable for many

    Thank you. That’s like saying going to Vegas is expensive because if you travel first class, stay in a executive suite, and play at the whale tables it’s going to cost you $x.xxxK. Disneyland really isn’t for you or me. It’s priced right and accurately to attract the kind of customer Disney...
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    Just ordered TSRTS on blu ray.

    Now if they will just reissue the Royal Albert Hall show on Blu-Ray with updated audio. That would be killer.
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    Pre-NAD Sundragon Standard

    After lurking for a long, long time I finally pulled the trigger and ordered the Sundragon Standard amp from Mitch Colby. I'm beyond excited, so much so I had to post a pre-NAD NAD post. They reached out to me and let me know it would more than likely be done before the 12 week build period. So...
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    I’ve been in extremely deep thought lately

    I'd hit Judge Judy for sure. She's up there with Betty White as a "I feel like it would actually be fun" experience.

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