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    Best things to do in LA / best guitar stores

    Disneyland is great. It's definitely worth a day and the price of admission. Just be a kid, and have fun.
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    Best things to do in LA / best guitar stores

    So be aware, LA is not an easy town to traverse, whether by bus, car or on foot. A lot of the places you're talking about might only be 10 miles from each other but that could take literally hours depending on traffic, parking, etc. Turn signals are signals to cut you off, people drive like...
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    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    See, I've always heard that when it comes to the AK, it's all about... manufacturing, manufacturing, manufacturing. A well built, USA made AK will be just as accurate as an AR in the same hands. I could be wrong; The few that I've shot never had any issues with accuracy. But I always wasn't...
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    NGD Marshall SV20C

    I played a modified SV20C that was changed to Superbass spec. And it was glorious. Great amps. I'll have a Marshall again soon. Congrats.
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    Do R8’s and R9’s sound the same?

    Two R8's don't sound the same. That being said, but something that's either aesthetically different or functionally different so that you have variety. A R9 and R8 are different enough. But if they serve the same niche then get something more dramatic of a difference.
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    I Am Close...

    Please, for your own sanity. Establish clear boundaries and standards. You have no idea how far that will go. As a man who went from an 8 year long relationship to being single for a year back into said relationship, boundaries are everything.
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    Ideal rate of twist (MLP firearms and shooting thread)

    Love it. I want an AK so bad. Looking at the PSAK right now.
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    Fed-Ex 'Signature Required' Delivery

    Except they... can't. Cause then some employee will scream predatory work practices or discrimination and the company will back down or get sued. We're seeing this with the military. Drill sergeants can't single out people, have to use inclusive insults that don't single anyone out, etc. I...
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    Fed-Ex 'Signature Required' Delivery

    Waiting for an amp to get delivered, home both days. Front door open. Both days, didn't show up, found a tag stuck to my gate. Third day, heard the truck and walked outside as he's putting a third tag on my front gate. "Oh, I was just checking you were here before I brought the package over"...
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    OMG, it finally happened!

    Where's Kravitz
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    I'm in Prague for two weeks working,

    I think they're saying sorry, what else are you supposed to do when your cruise gets cancelled and you're in Prague...
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    Hooking 101

    How else are they ever going to be able to pay off the exorbitant tuition?
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    Edison copies Tesla? Why?

    Because it's historically accurate, obviously
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    How loud are you guys running your amps?

    90-93db when my neighbors are home and I have to be quiet. My ears are fucked from damage from work so I'm a little deaf. But I feel that's when my amps usually open up.
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    Pronouns For a Guitar...

    My ex and friends pitched in to help me get my 58' on my 26th birthday. It was a loan, but it really helped me make it happen when I had other worries to think about and couldn't imagine spending $4K on a guitar. I just call her the "Friends" burst. And out of everyone in my life, she's been...