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    Hooking 101

    How else are they ever going to be able to pay off the exorbitant tuition?
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    Edison copies Tesla? Why?

    Because it's historically accurate, obviously
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    How loud are you guys running your amps?

    90-93db when my neighbors are home and I have to be quiet. My ears are fucked from damage from work so I'm a little deaf. But I feel that's when my amps usually open up.
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    Pronouns For a Guitar...

    My ex and friends pitched in to help me get my 58' on my 26th birthday. It was a loan, but it really helped me make it happen when I had other worries to think about and couldn't imagine spending $4K on a guitar. I just call her the "Friends" burst. And out of everyone in my life, she's been...
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    Would you have like the 'old' you?

    29. My girlfriend of 8 years broke up with me 6 months ago. Has led to me taking a deep, honest look at myself and my life and discovering a lot of things about myself I don't like and need to improve. I wish I was 19-20 again, but knew the things I know now. How different my life would be. It's...
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    So, What'cha listen to today?

    New Faces Live album, Jose Gonzales new album. Ozzy reissue of No More Tears.
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    Jimmy Page ... History of his Guitars !!!

    A few companies make one. Royal and Hi-Tone to name a few.
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    Justin Hawkins LP

    This is what happens when you don't realize you're responding to a necro threat. Don't be me.
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    Justin Hawkins LP

    Uhh. They're still putting out music like crazy. They just released two new singles this week.
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    Firing up the electric smoker today. Corned beef brisket.

    Pls post finished product pics. I should fire up my smoker. I haven't used it in months.
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    New GnR - Hard Skool

    This and absurd are them getting back and warming up. Idk if their new material will suck, but these sound more like mess around tunes than real releases.
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    Must-own vinyl

    My list is a lot of Double albums - The Wall, The Beatles "White Album", Physical Graffiti, Filmour East, Quadrophenia, Exile on Main Street...
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    The PAF sound?

    Simplest answer - Play them all. Just keep trying pickups and get familiar with wiring them up. Unfortunately most things in life are generally trial and error. Very few of us get lucky enough to get the right one the first time. Or - just work with what you have and try and nail "your" sound...
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    Demi Lovato has made contact with the Aliens

    "Elvis ain't dead, he just went home"
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    I got too much shit

    I had shit. Girlfriend of 7 years left me and took all the shit. Now my house is clean and free of shit.

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