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    what do you think? real or fake 59 black beauty?
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    wax potting removal

    i think the squealing sounds can be controlled and used to a benefit. i wonder at what point does the wax need to be there to stop a loose wind from squealing, and how tight of a wind to control it just enough, to signal boost or help a note sing.
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    wax potting removal

    how would i go about removing the wax potting from a pickup?
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    Verdict on the Un-Potted Custom Buckers in the New R8's and R9's?

    i thought all burstbuckers were unpotted?
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    tail piece materials.

    i noticed on my r9, that the tailpiece fitting to the bolts isn't the tightest tolerance around. i also want to seat the tailpiece right on the top. the overwrap i use rotates it a decent amount, and short of making another one, i don't know how to fit it better. which got me thinking about...
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    which pots for your Reissue?

    i've been wanting to see if i can't modify the taper of a pot to get the smooth transition i want.
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    INCOMING NGD! - 2019 60th R9 (VOS) - Slow Ice Tea Fade.

    this is a 50th anniversary r9, but i want a 60th so bad... pretty much all hide glue, and the new custombuckers sound really good. i just did the frets on her, since it is 10 years old the wear is starting to upset the fret heights. the action is now .5 mm at the 12th fret.
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    how to harden a finish?

    hello, i am wondering, is there way to harden the finish on my guitar? to sort of shrink it. what if i put it in a uv light oven for a while, would that do anything compared to the 50 years of light's effect on the original bursts?
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    Paul Kossoff's 1959 Gibson Les Paul to be auctioned

    no pigment and it still looks good
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    Uncirculated 1959 Burst - 9 0922

    clearly a chinese copy, i'll take it for ya, you don't want to dirty your hands with that...
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    Verdict on the Un-Potted Custom Buckers in the New R8's and R9's?

    isn't it for the true historic line? they are doing more hide glue too. if you wrap the coils tight enough or in a way that the wire doesn't move, then they won't squeal. with just the right amount of squeal, you can dial in the pickup's tone more by tension and wrapping style.
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    Do you think this is a real '59?

    lets can't buy integrity
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    Should I just say @#*& it and sand the bloody neck down??

    don't shave the neck, just get a new guitar… stop ruining history. you have a guitar that can be called special, and when you ruin that, its like taking a painting someone worked a month on and painting over it..i explained to you how to fix it. appreciate it for what it is or go find something...

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