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    I've got to do something really tough today.

    Welp. She's all gone. I'm financially in the (relative) clear again. The shipowner felt bad and said when I wanted, he'd offer me a good deal on a Gretsch I really wanted at one point. Plus I still have my acoustic, which I love dearly. All in all it's not a goodbye to electric guitaring- just...
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    I've got to do something really tough today.

    Hey there fellas I really appreciate all the nice messages. I feel a bit better about it all. It'll be said and done by around 7 PM tonight. I'm selling it to an independent music shop that's owned and operated by a good friend, so I'm happy it's going to someplace good. If my luck turns I will...
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    I've got to do something really tough today.

    Not much really to say. Times are really tough and between making tuition payments and feeding myself I don't have much in the bank. Need an emergency bit of cash so I'm selling off my old Les Paul. It's not even that great, but I loved that thing so much. It was a gimmicky les paul slash gold...
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    Songs you learned just to impress girls? song starts at the 5 minute mark chicks dig it
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    Okay, I got all y'all now! Who here is the layziest F of all?

    i'll tell ya when i get outta bed
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    Let's talk about strings on acoustic guitars

    Hey fellas So recently I've been experimenting a lot with strings on my acoustic. I play on a PRS SE Angelus. It's kinda got a grand concert meets symphony thing going on, in terms of type/size. I don't know what they call it but I've sent an email asking PRS. I've used the earth woods by...
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    Howdy, guys!

    Eh Richmond has started to turn into slushville, so not really! how's your neck of the woods?
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    Howdy, guys!

    not much! just getting swamped by school, and having my ass handed to me by upper level criminal justice classes. yourself?
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    Howdy, guys!

    It's been a minute. How's my favorite bunch of misfits been? :slash:
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    Ngd ngd ngd!!!

    Thanks fellas! It's in the shop, being adjusted and set up right now. I'll post back once it's in my hands again.
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    Ngd ngd ngd!!!

    My first new guitar in years! You guys may remember I was looking for advice on a new acoustic- well, I got one! A PRS SE Angelus Standard. Set me back about 630, included a hardshell case. I was actually REALLY surprised about one thing in particular- they included an extra bone bridge in the...
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    My daughter was born last night

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    Zimmerman Trial Opens

    My opinion as a list: 1. Zimmerman was within his legal rights to defend himself. 2. There was no need for anyone to die that night. 3. Zimmerman acted unethically, but not illegally. 4. Unethical =/= illegal.
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    drivin' tunes

    I got pulled over for speeding because Gimme Shelter came on.
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    Gibson Brands (or whatever they're called) Final Project

    I think they should solidify their offerings, and blur the line between "custom," "standard," and "lower priced." There is too much clutter in the Gibson catalog IMO. I look at PRS's as something ideal- a few expensive custom and one off guitars, a large and diverse body of median priced...

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