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    Audient iD4 USB audio interface

    Selling a lightly used Audient iD4 USB audio interface, this is a great one channel interface featuring the following: 1 Audient Class A console mic preamplifier 1 discrete JFET instrument input High-performance converters $150 shipped and paypaled comes with box, manual and usb cable.
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    Zebra PU's lest see em'

    can I play? I only have one zebra though!
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    Looking to 2002 standard for a traditional but need help re: fat necks

    my 2011 traditional is 50's and super chunky. I like it, can really dig in.
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    Neon Madness - New Limited Run of '80s Neon Les Paul Customs

    I kinda like the orange & green ones! But not the insane price tag!
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    There are only a handful of guitar players that I can instantly tell who it is just by listening to how they play (their tone, note choice & feel), Slash is one of those players. That says something to me
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    Just booked another huge show!

    Congrats! Checked out your music, really dig it! Who designed your website? It's very well done!
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    Any Love for Traynor amps?

    Even their newer amps rock! I still love my YCS-50H, had it for almost 10 years now, but no matter what other amps I try, I always come back to it, it just works for me, plus it has an awesome sounding line out that is perfect for recording demos etc.
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    Have you ever saved anyone's life?

    I don't know if I saved his life, but things would have been bad had I not been paying attention. Years ago, the singer in one my bands & I were hanging out on the long pier at the beach, we had had a few to drink, him more than me and he passed out on the pier and at some point started to roll...
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    Goodbye sweet, sweet kitty.

    Sorry to read this, I just lost my buddy Friscuit about a month ago. She was 18. I adopted her as a stray when she was about 1 year old. She was the one constant in my life the last 17 years. Still miss her lots and know I always will. It's tough.
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    Does this 93 LP Custom look legit?

    Looks legit to me, and also begging for some aged double cream pickups and rings and creme pickguard.
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    Ebay Situation: How would you handle

    +6 just ask! or wait 10 years just to be safe
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    Promote Your Band!

    Just promoting my other band, Möthball. We are a three piece Raw Punk Hard Rock band from St. Thomas, Ontario Canada. We just released our debut EP earlier this year after taking 5 years to get our act together, lol. We have played a bunch of shows this year including two in the UK, 4 more...
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    Over 40 Dressing for Stage

    We are all over 40
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    Reaper Problems

    check that the path for the icons is correct, on my system the path for icons is: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\REAPER\Data\track_icons
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    How Have You Modded Your Les Paul?

    changed the bridge pickup to something a little more aggresive (SD Alternate 8), removed the pickup cover on the neck pickup, replace the traditional scribed truss cover with a blank one, locking tuners and one mis-matched knob cause one of mine broke and I'm too lazy to order one knob so I just...