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    The Peter Frampton Appreciation Thread

    I always forget about some of these songs. I'll add some into my own acoustic show this summer. Great stuff. I would have loved to see a couple other old Pie songs too...but I'll take this.
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    NPD Joyo UD and Review!!!

    I have an UD but it's been off my board (replaced by the hot side of my KoT) for awhile. I just gave it to my son and he is using it as a solo boost. He has a couple of other Joyo things on his board including a delay and noise gate. The noise gate is funky and works intermittently, but I just...
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    Tube changing Rule #3

    It builds strong wrists...I've done worse.
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    ReWind Electric Gear Giveaway: ~ FREE PICKUPS ~

    Guitars: heavily modified Gibson Marauder; 80s Greco LP (heavily modified); home built LP with my own touches and mods; Taylor 410; Harmony harps, and other odd ball stuff...half of which are in pieces. I'm always messing with this stuff. Ain't nothin stock...My goal is to buy...
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    Bands/Artist that use(d) Solid State.

    The Line 6 Steve uses has a power tubes I'm pretty sure. I did read that he was doing this now though as he has so many tones he uses through a set.
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    Mesa owners club

    They're really good amps. The EL84s change things a bit, but I've gotten some great tones out of these critters. I own the LS Classic 212...but have used the Special. They take some getting used to as the controls work differently then other amps. Once you get am dialed in and figure out how to...
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    Mesa owners club

    I just played one at a music store to test out a guitar. I liked it a lot. It was a bit different in many ways then my Lonestar...but...price tag on the used Nomad was about $750 at a store. I'd think you could find em cheaper.
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    Anyone Use/Try Danelectro Pedals?

    If you keep an eye on ebay you find these things in new housings and with new switches. They go fast though.
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    NAD: Quilter 101

    I'm looking at this one or a Toneblock as a backup amp primarily. I like some features on the Toneblock. The xlr direct on it could be really usable, especially for some of the smaller gigs I'm doing now. Haven't actually played one though. Anyone tried it?
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    Looking for some chearp dirt

    My son bought a Boss Powerstack recently. It does a really good job of shifting the character of any amp it's in front of to something closer to a Marshall. I think he paid around $70 used.
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    How well do the joyo amp series pedals work?

    I was just messing with the British pedal last night direct into the PA. I'm going to use it for some lower key gigs I'm doing more of in the winter time where bringing an amp just won't work. It does an admirable job actually. I have the voice knob around 1:30 or so and mids up a bit, treble...
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    9v adaptor for Joyo pedal question

    That's what it appears. The thing only draws 3.5ma...and I think the power supply is 250 or something like that.
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    9v adaptor for Joyo pedal question

    I use it as a back-up or for rehearsals where I can just plug it into the PA without an amp. I think it does a great job. It also pairs really well with a Fender amp to give a more "British" character.
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    9v adaptor for Joyo pedal question

    Alright...The power supply and pedal say 9V DC....and the symbol on both shows inside negative. The pedal only draws 3.5ma....should be good right?
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    9v adaptor for Joyo pedal question

    You mean center negative?

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