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    The Great British Baking Show ...

    We love this show! Thanks for the heads-up. Peace Rex
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    Police called on guitarist "too high to play quietly" reports that police were called to . . Where else? Guitar Center, where a man was "causing a disturbance." article Ha ha! :laugh2: Peace Rex
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    Musician Hoping To Find Stolen LP From Show

    I've only ever played some open mic nights but my guitar was always in open sight on/ near the stage or within an arm's reach. When I went to the bar, I took it. When I went to the bathroom, it came with me. Not saying I have all of life's answers, but I'm aware there are thieves targeting my...
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    Trying to figure out what Gibson color this is

    @yoshida , welcome to the forum! There's nothing standard about that guitar except the name. Others have made the point that we Gibson fans care more about these issues than Gibson themselves, FAR more. Also, the finishes can vary significantly. A honey burst with a bit more yellow might look...
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    this confirms what a lot of us have suspected!

    Ah, MLP's Backstage, where we can go from the 1-4-5 chord progression to squirting in 3 pages . . . :laugh2: :cheers: Peace Rex
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    Storefront sign battle

    So many of us are so uptight these days, it's so refreshing to see there are still those with a sense of humor! Peace Rex
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    Any fans of the GC/MF Special Limited Edition?

    Yours is the first 2019 LE that I've seen, but yeah, I'm a fan! Nice guitar. Gibson's been offering guitars like this for a while, almost twenty years now. Less expensive finishes but with all the tone. Rock it in good health! Peace Rex
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    Laughing Guy RIP

    Same here, whoever captioned that video did a great job. "HIIIIiiiiiiiiiii goooooooo!!!" Ah ha ha ha! Peace Rex
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    Anyone use a coffee percolator?

    The problem with a percolator (in my humble opinion) is that it's too easy to make the coffee taste burned or overdone. Once the fresh water starts to flow over the coffee, it becomes COFFEE flowing over the coffee. @TheX 's method is good, since he times it to stop when done. It's too easy to...
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    Former Gibson factory to become boutique hotel

    The place that produced many of the most desirable musical instruments of the 20th Century will become a boutique hotel complete with a "Body Rock" gym and intimate auditorium...
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    Danny MacAskill - The Slabs

    Danny MacAskill is one of the best mountain bikers in the world, a pioneering filmmaker, and a genuinely nice guy. This is one of the greatest adventure videos I've ever seen. Even though I know how it's going to turn out, my heart beats faster watching him descend those steeps. I recommend...
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    Gibson to buy Mesa Boogie?

    Thanks for posting this. Randy Smith is 75 and has been modding and building amps since his early twenties. He's clearly looking to preserve his legacy and saw something good in the new Gibson. That's a good enough explanation for me. Peace Rex
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    Finally made the move to NC

    I don't live there now, but I spent more years in Carolina than anyplace else on this spinning watery rock. I consider it my home state. Enjoy the landscape, the mountains are ancient and the barrier islands are enchanting. Oh, and enjoy the 'cue. A special taste you cannot get anywhere else...
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    Oh man. So sorry. Condolences and love. Peace Rex
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    stolen guitars

    This right here. To this armchair detective, it seems to be an obvious inside job. Peace Rex

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