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    What to do with Brazilian Rosewood

    Skyjerk posted in the middle of me typing!
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    What to do with Brazilian Rosewood

    It's very crappy wood, send it to me and I'll take care of it for you. Sorry, just had to be the first one! The is the right place and I'm sure you'll get some good suggestions. You could get it rough sawn into fingerboard blanks and sell them. That's probably your best bet. You could probably...
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    Wiring issue

    I've done quite a few pickup installs before but they've all been modern 4 wire types. This is the first time I tried the vintage type and was nervous about ruining the POTS. I upped the heat and went for it. They look better now but it didn't solve the problem. I ended up pulling the caps and...
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    Wiring issue

    Thanks, will do!
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    Wiring issue

    Chasing a wiring issue on the Les Paul copy I built. The bridge pickup doesn't work most of the time and with both volumes down, there is still signal coming out. There is more volume with the POTS up, but still plenty of signal. I checked it with a meter and at first the bridge pickup read a...
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    FreddyG's Double Cuts

    Thanks for posting, I've been waiting for the finale!
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    2020 Les Paul Build

    Looks great!
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    Best brand of double sided tape?

    I like this stuff. It's holds really well but doesn't leave a lot of residue or pull fibers out of the wood.
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    Alex Lifeson - Wiring Help

    Freddy - a friend of mine has one and wants to get the magnetic pickups off of the preamp and basically make it so they go out one of the output jacks and the acoustic sound goes to the second output without the "blend" feature where you can use them both from the same output jack. How hard is...
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    My workshop on Japanese TV...

    Very cool!
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    Thoughts on This "Fool Proof" Fret Crowning System

    I just posted this too and then saw this thread. The comments here pretty much mirror what I thought they would. I'd like to see what they look like up close. He says he does this all day long to new import guitars. This probably is an improvement from the way they come in to the country.
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    Cherry Strat Build

    Sorry, I wasn't talking that kind of safety. I meant safety from me screwing it up and putting a gouge in the board. Thanks for the reply. I'll just play it safe and do it before.
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    Cherry Strat Build

    I've watched a video showing this as well. I don't really mind a little extra sanding for the safety of the bearing. I may change my mind after I use it. Have you done a radius after doing the inlays? I worry about chipping even if done in steps but one of the fingerboards I'm working on...
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    Cherry Strat Build


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