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    2022 lineup changes, additions, predictions?

    Tony Iommi standard line SG apparently
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    Would you buy a Gibson Les Paul with poly finish?

    Were'nt the old 90's Les Paul Studio Gem's finished in poly?
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    Murphy Lab and VOS reissues have different lacquer??

    Yes feels very different, no 'give' if you press your nail into a ML. I did the same thing on a pre-ML aged R4 and the lacquer peeled off rather than chipped off. Presumably the presence of more plasticisers.
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    Naturally aged/reliced reissues pictures

    Is that all your own wear or was it an aged verison of the THs? Awesome looking guitar
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    Plain tops need love too

    How about a 2020 R8, not totally plain but interesting none-the-less Currently for sale, although I keep changing my mind!
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    C'mon Man!

    I’ve always thought Custombuckers are ok but have never blown me away. I prefer Alnico 2 pups in Les Pauls (I’m odd). Recently got a new Murphy Lab Nashville Es335 and I was initially underwhelmed with the sound of the pups. After some fettling with the neck pup (dropped height raised pole...
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    Murphy Lab Quality Issues

    Here’s my Olympic White ‘66 mostly vertical but then it branches out into crazy paving!
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    ebay listing claims its a murphy lab.

    yup it’s definitely not
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    Murphy Lab Quality Issues

    My experience of 2 2020 guitars: a VOS ‘58 and a regular razor aged non-Murphy Lab-aged ‘54 from 2020 were that they 100% have the the same heavily plasticised lacquer as Gibson has used internet recent years. I even ‘peeled’a bit off the R4 as an experiment and it came off in continuous...
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    Murphy Lab Quality Issues

    +1 one to this but I'd also add:really nicely rolled fingerbaords edges which I know were on other pre-ML aged instruments but not on standard VOS frd. For me it really lifts the instrument
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    Pics Of The Side Colours Of Historics or Murphy Labs ?

    And the one that went back? Urine burst cracks me up - is that the real name?
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    Pics Of The Side Colours Of Historics or Murphy Labs ?

    Yes the 1XXX/01XXX convention has been confusing me - thought I was going mad!
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    Pics Of The Side Colours Of Historics or Murphy Labs ?

    Great shots Cali - are your ML 20's or 21's?
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    Murphy Lab Quality Issues

    Sorry cheeky of me, that’s actually my ‘63 ES175 seems some of them always checked that way

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