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    How do Throbak T-Tops compare to Gibson 490s

    I remember when the retail price on stickered T-Tops was $16.95 in 1971/72. I have around 6 original stickered T-Tops in my pickup stash..
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    50s wiring or treble bleed?

    If you turn down the Tone control to about 5-6 when you turn down the Volume, it will stay clean/clear.
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    Historic Small Frets

    Back in the early `90's I got to play Dickey Betts' `57 Goldtop called "Goldie". It's now red, but this was before Dickey stripped it and re-did it... Anyway, it had the stock frets, which were smaller and I felt no issues with the smaller frets as that guitar was really very comfortable to...
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    Custom Buckers - not a fan? Am I the only one?

    When I got my `64 ES-335TDC reissue last June, I wanted to like the Custom Suckers.. I just couldn't get into them and no amount of tweaking screws, etc would make them sound good... I found a set of Humbuckings out of a `65 SG Standard and swapped out the short magnets for a pair of ThroBak...
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    Let me pick some brains on PAF quagmire....

    I had a 1963 Barney Kessel Regular and the bridge pickup had the magnet flipped on purpose. It says in the catalouge as why, but the magnet was flipped stock. I just got a pair of Pat.#’s from ‘65 and oddly the coils were wired backwards stock. Magnets are correct, but the coils are reversed...
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    Is my 2019 R7 Bolivian or East Indian Rosewood? Help!

    Call Gibson Customer Service. they can tell you exactly what it is!
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    Compressor Pedal...where have you been all my life?

    Other than Simon’s Cali76, the other one to try is the JangleBox! It’s the only one I can use and not have the notes get sucked down like the MXR types do. I was never able to use one until the Janglebox came out about 15 years ago!
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    VIPots benefit more on Vol. or Tone ?

    The VIP’s are exactly the same taper & feel are the old Centralab pots Gibson used in the Fifties into early Sixties. I will buy them anyday over the rest and I think the price is very reasonable! They are identical in function to the guitars I own with Centralabs. I find them considerably more...
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    Are these real patent # pickups?

    I owned a ‘63 Kessel for many years. It had one Pat.# and one PAF. The wire wrapped around the braided wires looks correct They still do that to this day. In the Kessel’s the bridge pickups magnet is flipped so when both pickups are on, it’s out of phase.It says in the catalogue that it’s a...
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    Flat wound recommendations

    TI's are excellent strings too! I just find the Pyramid's have a little more twang and livelyness.
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    Flat wound recommendations

    You can get Pyramid 12-string sets in .010-.038, .010-.042 & .010-.046 All round core
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    A tale of two Melody Makers

    I have a ‘61 & a ‘62, both single cutaway’s! Really amazing guitars! I got my first one in 1971..
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    LP Junior pots and caps

    Original Jr.’s had a 500k for the volume & a 250k for the Tone. All one pickup Gibson’s & Epiphones had this configuration of pots with the .022 PIO caps until 1960 when they went to the mylar Sprague 160P .022
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    Is the klon circuit really all that magical? And why is the SD-1 overlooked?

    Any pedal that they're asking $3k for is Crazy!! It had better cook dinner and blow me after that for that much! I'll just stick with my Origin Effects "Revival Drive Custom" and my Barber "Direct Drive v4".. I do have a couple of Tone Benders if I need a Fuzz..
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    Looks like it was made before they got their shapes closer to a real one. The ones they make now are almost convincing. This one just screams "wrong"..

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