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    Anyone heard of or used Toneman wiring harnesses?

    I do wish he would Stop using my business name "Toneman, Inc" I've asked him a number of times.. I guess I'll have to get my lawyer on him.. Hate doing that, but.. I've had it since 1998.
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    NAD 1972 Marshall 1986 Bass 50 watts

    British amps from the Sixties through the mid-to-late 70's should be run at 110v. I had a conversation with Derek Underdown @ JMI/ Vox and was Dick Denny's Boss. He told me that the early JMI amps never wanted to be run at over 110v cause it put too much voltage into the circuit..
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    NAD 1972 Marshall 1986 Bass 50 watts

    I had the exact same head QC'd on the exact same day! Great amp! I do wish I had kept it! Mine was 60 watts clean and 95 flat out(and that's RMS). It's the loudest 50 watt amp I've ever owned.. Enjoy it!
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    Good deal on LPC, but fretboard is Bolivian Rosewood

    You should listen with your ears, not your eyes..
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    8 Bomb Custom “Goldie” PAF Replica Set Review

    I've put A-4 magnets (ThroBak) in my "sticker" T-Tops and they really sound great compared to the stock A-2's or A-5's that are in most T-Tops...
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    Tim Shaw pickups

    I bought a 1981 ES-335 Dot. Supposedly the pickups were Shaw's. They sounded horrid! Seymour made me a set of Pearly Gates and problem solved!
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    1952 Les Paul - Next Project

    Man, that's amazing!! Did you get some of Rand's saddles for the ABR-1? His saddles are perfect!
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    FS: JTM45 Handwired - Mercury Magnetics, NOS Board Parts, Vintage Glass

    Beautiful amp! I wish I could buy it! I have a BB combo I built in 2006 with all Mercury iron & NOS caps, etc.
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    Mercury Magnetics Goodness

    I’ve been friends with Sergio/ Mercury Magnetics since 1988! First off he’s a great guy, genius level IQ and knows more about trannies and circuits than anyone I know. I worked at SWR Eng from ‘88 to mid-97 and after that when I went out on my own and Sergio was kind enough to let me buy...
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    Gibson Warranty Service

    I have a 2005 Custom Authentic Hummingbird that has a twisted neck. Even though I have the COA and I bought it from Music Villa in Bozeman, They want the receipt from when I bought it to even let me send it off. They've changed their policies over the last year. I wanted to send it to Music...
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    Robin Trower Les Paul conversion cherry sunburst

    I'll ask Robin when he starts touring again. I work on his amps here in the States
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    70's Mini-Humbuckers - Always this microphonic and out of phase?

    I don’t think mini’s from the 70’s are potted. They are fairly a loose fit under the covers. It could be that the magnet that sits in the coil without the screws could’ve been put in backward….. I think there’s a magnet that goes on the bottom like a regular humbuckings, but there’s another slug...
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    Looks like they’re actually following through - Rick Beato DC Special

    I’d never own a Special with a T-O-M bridge! I have two Special’s, a 1959 double cut and a 2019 TV finish, single cutaway. The thinner body on his looks like the original Melody Maker’s. He should have bought an early Sixties Melody Maker and added a couple of Good humbuckings! I certainly will...
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    DO you have trouble bonding with a PRS ?

    In 1990 PRS built me a Custom with a Tune-o-matic/Stop tailpiece and then later that year a Standard with the same layout. in 1991 they built me a EG3 and then in 1993 I got a first run Custom 22 that my friend Jack Higginbottom hand carved the neck. Jack told me they were inbetween neck carving...
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    Jimmy Wallace Pickups?

    Has anyone tried the “Jimmy Wallace“ Humbuckings? He’s been dealing with vintage Gibson’s for decades.. just kinda curious as too how they are.. Cheers!

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