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    Match your Historic to Beauty of The Burst

    I guess I'd go with this one 9 1876
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    NGD 2022 R9

    Whoops, should be R9
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    NGD 2022 R9

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    NGD! Bourbon Burst R8

    very nice!
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    FS: ThroBak pickups SOLD

    ThroBak SLE101-MVX pickups. Some light plat wear/cleaning swirling on the polished covers. Double Cream Bobbins, 15"and 18" leads. SOLD PP'd and Shipped lower 48.
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    NGD- 2007 R9

    Pretty sure it's Washed Cherry, very nice!
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    Finally! Murphy Lab Ugly Headstock Repair model

    Wow, is that for real?
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    335 vs. 345

    1964 ES-345TDC No Varitone (
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    335 vs. 345

    I'm enjoying mine:
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    Ice Tea and Bourbon burst are so similar.

    More Bourbon
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    NGD MTM 60th Anni R0

    That’s gorgeous
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    NGD: 2018 Wildwood Spec Murphy Painted R8.

    New arrival, 2018 Wildwood Spec Murphy Painted R8. Nice 3D top, 8.5 lbs., all 59 neck with bigger R9 frets, rings like a grand piano. Nice dark fretboard.
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    NGD: SW 50s Standard Iced Tea Burst

    That's a gorgeous Les Paul!
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    Post Your Historic Bourbon Bursts!

    2018 R8 I picked up in Philly on Saturday:
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    I got a problem

    I wish I had your Problem.

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