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    Historic Les 'em!

    2014 R8
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    R8 Sedona Sunrise

    Let's see that beauty.
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    2014 R8 Bourbon Burst Gloss - Factory Split Coil

    Got this same guitar from 2014 in Lemon, Killer guitar! The BB split really nicely. GLWS
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    Tom Holmes H450/455 A4 unpotted (antique covers/zebra bobbins)

    Hi All, Have a set of Tom Holmes pickups with antique covers, unpotted, zebra bobbins. These are Alnico 4, used to be A2 and will throw in the original mags if you want to do some experimenting. 4 conductor wire. $600 pp shipped. Cheers, TJ
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    R8 & Antiquities

    I had them in my R8, loved them. Antiquities and Sheptones were the best pups I tried in my R8 (Which I miss very much).
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    2013 PRS Custom 24 Artist Package Brazilian

    Hi, Have a 2013 PRS Custom 24 Artist Package, 57/08 pups, V12 finish, Brazilian Rosewood board, Pattern Thin neck. Great guitar. Sounds and plays great! Amazing top. Only reason I'm selling is that I'm finding that I don't bond well with the pattern thin neck, but if thin necks is your thing...

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