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    2020 just keeps on giving for automakers!

    You Brits opted for traffic signals over a roundabout? That's the craziest thing in this thread.
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    Les Pauls vs SGs- Price

    Desirability is most of it. Why only charge $x for something when you can get $xx for it?
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    Sort of went knife crazy

    Nice. Is that vintage or a relic? It's a guitar forum, come on. :laugh2: I used to agree, that's what started this, I had a 110 Pro and sold it maybe three weeks ago. I love how it's just a huge chunk of metal in your pocket, but then I got these, and the fidget factor took over. Even the...
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    Getting new 60th Anniversary R9, gloss or VOS?

    I own both and don't like gloss anymore. The 64RI SG I ordered last year is gloss and that was a mistake because if the pickup covers or tailpiece get a smudge it sticks out like a sore thumb. I much VOS prefer hardware and wish I ordered it that way.
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    Some of you are not going to like this... need to be politically correct about this, too? :laugh2: Point is, don't open threads that may upset you. If you do, something like a COVID thread, expect half of the replies will have a different opinion than yours.
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    Some of you are not going to like this...

    People will always have different opinions than you will and you will never change theirs no matter what. This is a guitar forum. Come here to talk guitars and ignore the threads that upset you. That's all there is to is. Best of luck with those family issues.
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    Sort of went knife crazy

    I'll stick with overpriced micarta. You stick with pink. :laugh2:
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    Just Looking For Car Color Opinions (Poll)

    First your Clapton collection, now this, you need to stay away from televisions and images. :laugh2: I think the original blue looks best. Sweet car. My dad bought a new 1972 Mach 1, 351C, I always hated that design, and he kept it all the way until about 2010. It was kept outdoors for its...
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    A simple question

    People have tucked guitars under their beds literally for decades. I wouldn't worry about it. Just check up on them from time to time if you're storing them.
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    End Of A Venerable V8 Engine

    Yes, true. Same goes for V8 Mustangs and air cooled motorcycles. On their way out due to emissions. Turbo/superchargers wear out engines sooner but are more fuel efficient.
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    NGD 59 Green Lemon (crafted excellence)

    Looks good. :thumb:
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    R8 Pricing advice. "selling" maybe?

    It's modified, that's why. Would you pay the same for a car that's been repainted vs one with original paint? Paint is paint, right? Put the original back in, sell it, sell the BK separately.
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    Sort of went knife crazy

    Then there's aftermarket. Man, I will never complain about what pickups and whatnot cost ever again. These are both aftermarket micarta scales. The top pair cost me $81 US. The bottom (was the grey handle knife from the first picture) was $103US. Another set for one of the red handle knives...
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    Sort of went knife crazy

    @Howard2k Those two red handle Spydercos were used, but used as in the same condition most R9s for sale are in, never used. :laugh2: The rest were new from either Thunderbird Gear in Bolton, S&R Knives in Toronto, Blades Canada out of BC, and Atlantic Knives from Halifax.
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    Sort of went knife crazy

    No, I can only buy from Canadian sites. Canada Customs tends to seize flippers that open freely or with one hand. Some make it through but I'm not going to chance it. I like that one a lot. Murdered out Griptilian. :laugh2:

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