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    NGD - Limited run 2018 Murphy painted & aged

    Love the top and burst.
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    1957 Reissue CAR - thoughts so far

    Looks great but I would never keep a guitar that's a challenge to play.
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    If you NEVER eat at McDonald’s - an update

    A guy at work goes to McD's all the time and daily when McRib is on. When McRib isn't offered, he gets a Big Mac combo because that's his favourite. When McRib is offered, he gets a McRib combo everyday but also gets a Big Mac sandwich because he says he'll regret not having one. Sometimes...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    We did in October, thanks.
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    R8 disaster!

    I leaned my old R0 on an amp once, on the strap button, hardwood floor, walked away, heard a bang, broke the headstock. Live and learn.
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    Free Solo Climbing, so awesome...

    Fuck that. I won't even climb a flight of stairs without a safety harness. There was a movie made about another, Marc-André Leclerc, the Alpanist, I watched it a month ago and am still amazed by it.
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    Modern Car Theft

    I see constant car theft posts on my local Facebook community pages, nine Ram's were stolen within a week in a span of around six blocks. People keep replying with we need more police but I don't see an increased police presence on the street doing anything because they can't be on every single...
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    Meanwhile in Canada...(again. Pt. 5)

    Really, why is this shit allowed on MLP?
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    Very Rare Murphy Lab Guitar!

    I don't care for the rare aspect but cool looking guitar and congrats. If it's a prototype, I wonder if the lacquer will fail like many production models have.
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    How do we determine if an R9 is an '07 or a '17?

    :facepalm: Why are people still posting thinking it's a 2017? That guitar is clearly a 2007. If you can't tell, don't post. 2007.
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    How do we determine if an R9 is an '07 or a '17?

    2017s have brown COAs.
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    Auto Start/Stop in newer vehicles - any upside?

    Hate it and I wouldn't buy a car that doesn't let you disable it permanently. Even allowing you to but needing to do it every time you start the vehicle is a no go.
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    John Wick chapter 4

    I thought the first three films were terrible and completely unrealistic but loved every single minute.
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    Brazilian Boards

    This forum needs a facepalm emoji.

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